What is TikTok restricted mode?

What is TikTok restricted mode?

Restricted Mode is an option at the account settings level that limits the appearance of content that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

How do I fix not eligible for TikTok?

Fixing the “Not Eligible” Error on TikTok for Android

  1. On your Android device, look for the TikTok app icon.
  2. Press and hold the app. You will see the App info option.
  3. Navigate to Storage.
  4. Look for Clear Storage and Clear Cache. Click both options.
  5. Restart your Android phone and try creating an account on TikTok.

Is there a TikTok 18+?

No, there isn’t a version of TikTok for adults. Adults are free to use the standard TikTok application. While TikTok does primarily have a young userbase, adults can choose who to follow and whether or not to engage with trends. Regardless of age, all users must follow the TikTok Community Guidelines.

How do you bleep out words in a video?

Tap on the Edit Tools icon and locate the Audio Mixer feature, tap on it and mute the video’s original audio. Adjust the volume of the beep sound effect by using the slider below the Music Note icon and tap on the play button to hear the results.

How do I access 18+ TikTok?

Scroll down to Digital Wellbeing. Tap Family Pairing and select whether the phone belongs to the adult or the teen. You’ll have to scan a QR code on one phone with the other to link the accounts. Now, the adult can access the parent password-protect security features.

Can TikTok steal your information?

Class-Action Lawsuit Claims TikTok Steals Kids’ Data And Sends It To China. Twenty lawsuits have been combined into a unified federal legal action against short-form video app TikTok over allegedly harvesting data from users and secretly sending the information to China.

Is US banned TikTok?

Trump cited concerns that the Chinese government could spy on TikTok users if the app remains under Chinese ownership. TikTok said in a November court filing that the new entity, owned by Oracle, Walmart and ByteDance’s existing US investors, would be responsible for TikTok’s US user data and content moderation.