What is the best keyblade in kh3?

What is the best keyblade in kh3?

Keyblade – Ultima Keyblade

Is dark inferno Ephemer?

Dark Inferno just seems to be the final evolution of the Invisible line of heartless. It bears obvious resemblances to Ephemer, but we’ve never seen a person become a pureblood heartless. Sora became a shadow, but that’s more because of how little darkness was in his heart when he transformed.

Who killed Strelitzia?

Her rulebook was also stolen. In the latest Kingdom Hearts χ update, it is revealed that Darkness killed Strelitzia while possessing the body of Ventus. As Darkness steps into the light, it assumes the form of Master Ava, showing that Ventus believed he was merely having a meeting with the creator of the Dandelions.

Who is the GREY haired kid in kh3?


Does Ventus remember Chirithy?

However, chirithy tells us in the main game that ventus doesn’t remember the past, which would mean that ventus also doesn’t remember Chirithy. Yet in the ending, we see Ven beckoning Chirithy towards him with open arms as if he recognized Chirithy.

Is Sora dead at the end of kh3?

Actually according to the Secret Ending Sora IS dead. He is in TWEWY’s Shibuya, so he will have to play the game to resurrect (just like Neku and the others did). The secret ending reveals Sora waking up in Shibuya, but he is in the version of Shibuya from a game: The World Ends With you (TWEWY).

Why is Vanitas Sora?

This new-born Heart happens to be Sora as he innocently suggests to connect with Ventus’ shattered Heart so Ventus can recover. This connection caused Vanitas to take on the appearance of Sora. Since Vanitas is a part of Ventus and Ventus made that connection with Sora, Vanitas took on the appearance of Sora.

Is Vanitas Sora’s brother?

Upon finally being defeated, Vanitas’s mask slowly shatters apart, revealing his true face to Sora, who appears surprised at the uncanny resemblance to himself. Vanitas reveals that since Sora kept Ventus’s heart in stable condition for years, this makes the three of them “brothers”.

Who is nobody Xion?

Xion is the Rank XIV member of the original Organization XIII as well as a member of the real Organization XIII. She debuted in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days as one of the game’s main characters. She is not a normal Nobody and only a nominal member of the Organization.

Who are the 3 hearts inside Sora?

Sora has 3 hearts. his, Roxas, and Ventus.

Why does Ventus look like Roxas?

The guidebook Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ultimania clarified the connection, stating that Roxas and Ventus look alike because Ventus’s heart entered Sora’s body, and that Ventus’s presence influenced Roxas’s appearance when he was created.

Why does Xion look like Kairi?

As Sora’s memories are the basis of her being, Xion initially resembles Kairi, who was Sora’s strongest memory at the time of her birth. As Naminé stated while talking with Riku, Xion’s face was originally blank, until Sora’s memories found their way into Xion and she gained an identity.

Who is Ventus talking to in the beginning of Birth by Sleep?

The voice at the start of Ventus’ story is a newly born Sora. The voice who talks to Sora in KH1 is Mickey.

Is Ventus a nobody?

Ventus has no nobody, as Ventus has always retained his body.

Is Sora a Ventus?

Since Sora is the one who connected his heart to Ventus to make it whole shortly after Vanitas was created, Vanitus took on the appearance of Sora. Nomura said if any other person had done that for Ven then Vanitas would look like that person since he is a part of Ven.

Is Ventus older than xehanort?

Sora on Twitter: “So Ventus is older than Aqua, Terra and even Xehanort 🤔 https://t.co/HtwD6AKD1o… “

Is Ventus older than Sora?

In theory, he’s like, 29 or so at least in his late 20s. because he should be at least ten years older than Sora, obviously). If you go straight by the timeline (not including the stuff in KHUX). Physically he’s late teens.

How old are Aqua and Terra?

Since that was 11 years ago at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2, that puts their chronological ages at Ventus:26, Aqua:30, Terra:32.

How old is Sora in Birth by Sleep?