What is Razer turbo mode?

What is Razer turbo mode?

In Razer Synapse, there’s an option to bind keys to a different function, and turbo mode is described by Razer, “Control how many times the bind will be pressed while this function is held down.” So, basically you can press your spacebar, since I want to titan skate, 20 times a second, which is the max amount turbo …

What is Turbo on Razer Synapse 3?

Sidebar Clicking the Sidebar button ( ) will reveal all current button assignments for your Razer device. This option changes the button assignment into a keyboard function. You can also choose enable Turbo mode which allows you to emulate repeatedly pressing the keyboard function while the button is held down.

How do I make a clicking macro?

How do I create macros?

  1. Using the mouse that you want to configure, start Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.
  2. In the list under the button that you want to reassign, select Macro.
  3. Click Create a new Macro.
  4. In the Name box, type the name of the new macro.
  5. Click in Editor, and enter your macro.

How do I turn on my Razer Turbo?

You can simply bind a key to Mouse Function -> “Left Click” and enable Turbo.

What is Turbo on a Razer mouse?

Keybinding the “turbo mode” or macro to another less used key will help prolong the expensive mouse lifetime. No matter the setting it seems to activate 50% less often than the amount of times you can hit while mounted if spamming the left mouse button.

What is Razer Hypershift?

Razer Hypershift is the capability to switch from one set of controls to another. This almost doubles the capacity of the mouse to program different controls and commands on its programmable buttons. Below is a list of commands and controls you can program to your mouse: Default. Keyboard Function.

What is Razer Hypershift key?

Razer Hypershift is the capability to switch from one set of controls to another. This almost doubles the capacity of the mouse to program different controls and commands on its programmable buttons.

Are Razer macros detectable?

You could be banned for using a mouse macro you made in Razer Synapse, which is 3rd party software, but Razer Synapse itself is not banned. They can detect mouse macros of any sort, and it doesn’t matter what you use them for.

What does the G button do on a Razer keyboard?

The G key on the razer keyboard puts you in “Gaming mode.” Pretty much, this prevents you from exiting your game accidentally, through things like alt-tab or pressing the windows keys. If you mean those keys on the left, then those are macro keys.

What is G key on keyboard?

The G-Keys on a keyboard are programmable switches that allow a multi-step task to be shortened into the single press of a button. Also known as macro keys, these helpful features speed up workflow by reducing the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks.

How do I turn off game mode on my keyboard?

Enable (and disable) Game Mode

  1. Open the Settings menu by clicking the cogwheel icon in the start menu.
  2. Select the Gaming section of the settings menu.
  3. Navigate to the Game Mode section in the side bar.
  4. Click to toggle Game Mode on or off.

What does Fn and F9 do?

Using the F9 and Fn key at the same time opens Mission Control on an Apple computer running macOS X. In Microsoft Windows, it activates the menu bar of an open application. Access the hidden recovery partition on HP, Compaq and Sony computers.

What does F9 M do?

The F9 key will initiate on-the-fly macro recording and the F10 key will put the keyboard into its “gaming mode”, which essentially disables some of the keyboard’s functions like the Windows key. By holding down the FN key and then pressing the Pause button, you can put your computer into sleep.

What does FN F10 do?

F10 generally activates the menu bar, while ⇧ Shift + F10 activates a context menu. F2 is used in many Windows applications such as Windows Explorer, Excel, Visual Studio and other programs to access file or cell edit functions. WordPerfect for DOS is an example of a program that made heavy use of function keys.

How do I turn on my Fn key?

Press fn and the left shift key at the same time to enable fn (function) mode. When the fn key light is on, you must press the fn key and a function key to activate the default action.

What are the 12 function keys?

Function Key

  • F1 – Display help screen.
  • F2 – Highlight file or folder for renaming.
  • F3 – Open search tool.
  • Alt+F4 – Close the current window.
  • F5 – Refresh the contents of a window or webpage.
  • F8 – Boot Windows into Safe Mode by holding F8 during startup.

What is the function of CTRL A to Z?

Ctrl + V → Paste content from clipboard. Ctrl + A → Select all content. Ctrl + Z → Undo an action. Ctrl + Y → Redo an action.

What is Ctrl F?

What is Ctrl-F? Also known as Command-F for Mac users (although newer Mac keyboards now include a Control key). Ctrl-F is the shortcut in your browser or operating system that allows you to find words or phrases quickly. You can use it browsing a website, in a Word or Google document, even in a PDF.

What are the 20 shortcut keys?

List of basic computer shortcut keys:

  • Alt + F–File menu options in the current program.
  • Alt + E–Edits options in the current program.
  • F1–Universal help (for any sort of program).
  • Ctrl + A–Selects all text.
  • Ctrl + X–Cuts the selected item.
  • Ctrl + Del–Cut selected item.
  • Ctrl + C–Copy the selected item.

What is Ctrl O used for?

Alternatively referred to as Control+O and C-o, Ctrl+O is a keyboard shortcut most often used to open a URL, document, image, or other file types. This page covers the Ctrl+O (letter ‘O’) shortcut and not the Ctrl+0 (zero) shortcut.