Should I play Gaige or Krieg?

Should I play Gaige or Krieg?

Gaige can deal more damage, but Krieg is basically immortal, both will get the job done, so it depends on your play style. I personally prefer Gaige, since I’m a fan of glass cannon characters.

Is Gaige a good vault hunter?

It gets harder in UVHM, but for TVHM, Anarchy, Fibber, and Bee shield are basically the way to go. DT gets weaker as difficulty increases, but Gaige is still pretty strong on her own with Anarchy.

Is Gaige in love with Deathtrap?

Every relationship gets tested in this Borderlands 3 DLC, as either way, it’s clear that Gaige and Deathtrap share a love, however platonic, that doesn’t typically get captured in a video game.

Who is the most popular Vault Hunter?


Who is the best vault hunter in Borderlands 3 2020?

  • Moze the Gunner – best new Borderlands 3 class for beginners. Moze is a force to be reckoned with when in her mech.
  • Zane the Operative – best new Borderlands 3 character for snipers. Zane is the only Vault Hunter who can equip two abilities at once.
  • FL4K the Beastmaster – best new Borderlands 3 character for expert players.

Who is the strongest Borderlands 2 character?

  1. 1 Bloodsplosion – Krieg. Krieg’s Bloodsplosion skill is probably the most broken skill in Borderlands 2 (but in a good way).
  2. 2 Money Shot – Salvador.
  3. 3 Release The Beast – Krieg.
  4. 4 Bore – Zero.
  5. 5 Anarchy – Gaige.
  6. 6 Keep Firing – Salvador.
  7. 7 Cloud Kill – Maya.
  8. 8 Grit – Axton.

Which vault hunter should you choose?


What is the strongest borderlands 3 character?

10 Most Overpowered Builds In Borderlands 3 That Will Appease Any Vault Hunter

  • 8 Steel Savior Moze.
  • 7 Gladiator Amara.
  • 6 Do It All Fl4k.
  • 5 Fire Hoze Moze.
  • 4 Bulletstorm Moze.
  • 3 Khaos Queen Amara.
  • 2 Rakk Attack Fl4k.
  • 1 Shadow Clone Zane.

Is FL4K fun to play?

To me, FL4K feels more versatile and fun to play. Both beginning and end game. All of his AS are useful and you can go with whichever fits your play style, situation, solo, coop, etc. His pets are useful for the boost and revive still.

Which borderlands 3 character does the most damage?

The best Borderlands 3 class for 2020

  1. Amara The Siren. Amara’s elemental-focused abilities are extremely powerful for both new and expert players.
  2. Moze The Gunner. Moze is all about firepower and explosions so, as you might expect, her attacks can deal incredible damage.
  3. Zane The Operative.
  4. FL4K The Beastmaster.

Is FL4K a girl?

FL4K is drawn to Death and refers to it as a woman.

Can I skip Borderlands 1?

Yeah you can skip. The story past the first half of the game was awesome but the characters were pretty meh in it.

What’s the best Moze build?

Borderlands 3 Moze build guide

  • Demolition Woman is the skill tree to upgrade for a really explosive Moze build, as it focuses on immense splash damage and grenade spam.
  • Shield of Retribution focuses on giving your Moze build very high survivability, sacrificing health for tremendous amounts of shields that keep you from harm.

Is Moze the best?

Moze is a monster that gets a dumb amount of gun damage. Moze is amazing for solo play, the best probably, anyone who tells you “she’s impossible” I would consider not taking advice from in the future. Her skill tree is just loaded with so many good raw stats, you can play her pretty much however you want.

What’s the best skill tree for FL4K?

Borderlands 3: The 10 Best Skills For FL4K The Beastmaster (Post-Designer’s Cut)

  1. 1 Megavore – Hunter Tree (Capstone)
  2. 2 Lick The Wounds – Stalker Tree (Tier 3)
  3. 3 Head Count – Hunter Tree (Tier 2)
  4. 4 Capacitance – Trapper Tree (Capstone)
  5. 5 Barbaric Yawp – Master Tree (Tier 4)
  6. 6 Take This – Trapper Tree (Tier 3)

Who should I kill Max or Rax?

You can kill both Rax and Max in the Maliwannabees mission in Borderlands 3. There is some good news here, as it does not matter which one you kill because you can kill both. That’s right, after you kill either Rax or Max and leave, Ziff will give the dialogue equivalent of a shrug and suggest you kill both.

How do you complete Maliwannabees?

Maliwannabees Walkthrough

  1. Go to murder scene.
  2. Go to supply vehicle.
  3. Choose to Kill Rax or Max.
  4. Return to Ziff.

How do you get to Maliwannabees?

This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Maliwannabees Side Quest. Maliwannabees is unlocked during the Hostile Takeover main mission….Objectives:

  1. Go to murder scene.
  2. Go to supply vehicle.
  3. Choose to kill Rax or Max.
  4. OPTIONAL – Kill remaining troops.
  5. Return to Ziff.

Where is Maliwannabees?

Meridian Outskirts

What happens if you pay Hardin Borderlands 3?

When you go see Hardin to get the meds for Ace Baron, you can either threaten him or pay him 1,000 in cash. Either way will work but paying him is an optional objective.

Where is Rise and grind Borderlands 3?

Meridian Metroplex

Where are the Typhon logs Meridian outskirts?

The location of the first Typhon Log in the Meridian Outskirts. It’s beneath a pillar in the middle of the small grassland beneath the broken bridges of Meridian. For the second Typhon Log, you’ll want to head south-west from the location of the first Log to the bandit hideout built underneath a bridge.

How do you get Lectra city dead drops?

From the third Typhon Log, follow the left path back to the main area, then turn right. Take a left after the next building to find a ladder. Climb to the top and turn left to find a small shipping container, then head inside to find the Dead Drop.

How do you unlock Typhon dead drops?

To unlock an area’s Dead Drop, you’ll need to find every Typhon log in an area. The number of logs differs from area to area, but there are almost always a few. To activate these, all you need to do is find them in the environment and press the use button when you’re in front of them.

Where are the 3 Typhon logs Skywell 27?

The third Typhon Log in Skywell-27 can be found after you drop down into the bottom-most area. After you fall down the long shaft and reach the central mining area, climb the path to reach the Maliwan base, then take a left and climb the ladder in the corner.

Who did moxxi marry?

Moxxi was originally married to Jimbo Hodunk, father of Tector Hodunk, and with him gave birth to at least two children, Scooter and Ellie Hodunk.

What’s Handsome Jack’s full name?

Implying that John (the name Tassiter uses right before that) is not his real name. Always took that as Jack thinking John wasn’t cool enough and didn’t like to be called his real name because of it.

Why did Lilith kill Athena?

Why does Lilith want to kill Athena? Weren’t the allies in General Knox’s Secret Armory from the first game? 𝐄𝐍𝐆𝐎𝐑𝐆𝐄! Lilith blames Athena for supporting Jack, and thus ultimately for Roland’s death.