Should I kill Paolo Dishonored 2?

Should I kill Paolo Dishonored 2?

Upon exiting the shop you will have an encouter with Paolo. Kill him here. Take him out one last time, this time he will stay dead and not come back. Killing him will void the “Clean Hands” trophy (for not killing anyone in a playthrough).

Does killing weepers count as kill?

Killing Delilah’s clones is not counted as a kill.

Does killing clockwork soldiers increase chaos?

Killing Clockwork Soldiers won’t count against towards High-Chaos either. If you’d still rather avoid destroying them – remember that they can be set to friendly with Rewire Tool attatched to their leg.

Can you beat Dishonored 2 without killing anyone?

Just like its predecessor, Dishonored 2 can be finished without the need to kill anyone. Dishonored 2 will allow players to go through it without ever killing anyone. In fact, there’s even a much harder challenge that some players demanded.

Does rewiring a wall of light count as a kill?

1 Answer. Yes, kills with Wall of Lights will count as your kill. Kills by Rewired traps will contribute to your kill amounts and Chaos; that’s Watchtowers, Arc Pylons, and Wall of Lights.

Is Corvo immune to the plague?

Corvo is Serkonan. It’s very likely that of all the people in Dunwall, he’s one of the very few who is genetically immune to the Rat Plague. Same would go for other Serkonans in the game, including Daud and Emily. Serkonans NPCs will warn each others not to get bitten by the plague rats summoned by Corvo.

How many kills for high chaos Dishonored 2?

It has been reported that, for high chaos to be achieved, Corvo, Daud, or Emily must kill 20% of the human population per mission. If total kills exceed 50% of the population seen, the city is irrevocably thrown into chaos, and the very high chaos ending is depicted.

Do rewire tool count as kills?

Yes, unfortunately! However, if you rewire one and it kills another clockwork soldier that doesn’t count. Clockwork soldiers are just machines, so destroying them never counts as a kill.

Does rewiring an arc pylon count as a kill?

if you use a rewire tool on a wall of light or arc pylon or other such machines, thaey will count towards your kill count.

Do hive keepers count as kills?

Here is the list of takedowns that count as lethal: You shoot an NPC directly, kill them with your sword, or cause a lethal explosion. This includes all humans as well as Nest Keepers.

Do hounds count as kills Dishonored 2?

Like rats, hagfish, and river krusts, wolfhounds do not count toward lethal kills in mission summaries. As such, it is possible to kill them and still achieve Clean Hands. While being bitten, the protagonist is completely vulnerable to attack from other enemies.

Does killing hounds increase chaos?

Weepers do count for detection. They do raise the Chaos level if they are killed. Kills by Rewired traps will contribute to your kill amounts and Chaos; that’s Watchtowers, Arc Pylons, and Wall of Lights.

Is the outsider good or evil?

The Outsider is a mysterious, morally ambiguous supernatural being, neither good nor evil.

Who killed the boy in the outsider?

Despite evidence that shows that Maitland was in two places at once, Anderson still believes that Maitland killed the young boy. Maitland, who has been awaiting trial in jail is brought to the courthouse, where he is shot to death by the victim’s older brother Ollie Peterson.

Is Corvo in death of the outsider?

Death of the Outsider is meant to bring an end to “the Kaldwin era”, an arc that began in the first Dishonored with the assassination of Jessamine Kaldwin and followed characters involved with it, such as Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin.

Who did Corvo canonically kill?


What happens if I kill Havelock?

If Corvo kills Havelock with a ranged attack or power, Havelock will fall, but Emily will grab the edge of the platform. Corvo can then pull her up, but if he takes too long then Emily will fall to her death. It is also possible to deal with Havelock non-lethally in the High Chaos ending.

Should I kill Admiral Havelock?

In the high chaos version of this mission, you have to either kill or neutralize Havelock, despite only being an optional objective. In high chaos, at the final confrontation with Havelock and Emily, if possession is used on Havelock and he is walked down to the lower platform, he will fall unconscious once it ends.