Should I buy a 10 or 12 miter saw?

Should I buy a 10 or 12 miter saw?

Main Differences Between 10 Inch vs 12 Inch Miter Saw 10 inch spins faster, whereas the 12 inch miter saw is slower due to its heavy blade. 10 inch is cheaper due to its clear cut option, whereas 12 inch miter saw is more expensive because the blades have teeth and that increases the value of a saw.

Is a sliding miter saw worth it?

A sliding miter saw is perfect for longer pieces of wood you’d be working with, thanks to the blade that can travel in a sliding motion. Not only longer pieces of wood are perfect for cutting with a sliding miter saw, but also thicker pieces of lumber you may be using.

What is the best miter saw for the money?

Here are our favorites.

  • Best Overall: TACKLIFE EMS01A 10-Inch Compound Sliding Miter Saw.
  • Best Budget: Metabo HPT C10FCGS 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw.
  • Best for Crafters: Zona Olsen Saw Miter Box.
  • Best Cordless: DEWALT Flexvolt Cordless 12-Inch Miter Saw Kit.
  • Best 12-Inch: DEWALT DWS779 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw.

Are Metabo miter saws good?

Metabo makes about the best angle grinders out there, and this saw may be as good as any I have used. All things being equal, I think the DeWalt may be a little better (not that I have used that many 12 inch miter saws, but I have experience with a few) I couldn’t justify the $500+ price tag.

Are Delta miter saws good?

Overall Impression of the Delta CRUZER Miter Saw The Delta CRUZER is a solid go-to saw, especially on tougher job-sites with many users. As a trim carpenter this is good, not great, but when remodeling and framing this saw is perfect. The robust design and power of the CRUZER is where its at!

What is the best miter saw for woodworking?

My Reviews of 10 Best Miter Saws for Furniture Making in 2021

  1. DEWALT DWS779 Sliding Compound Miter Saw.
  2. Hitachi C10FCG Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw.
  3. Bosch GCM12SD Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw.
  4. Makita LS1040 Compound Miter Saw.
  5. DEWALT DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter Saw.
  6. TACKLIFE PMS03A Sliding Compound Miter Saw.

Can a 10 inch miter saw cut a 4×4?

A 10 inch miter saw will cut through a 4×4 piece of wood perfectly. However, you cannot cut in one go. If you are using a stationary saw, you will have to flip over the material and cut it from the other side. If you want a miter saw that can cut through a 4×4 in one go, then a 10-inch size is not the ideal one.

Are Ryobi miter saws any good?

The Ryobi Compound Sliding Miter Saw is a good value at this price point. It has dust control that is typically found on more expensive miter saws and precision is maintained thru good solid construction. The controls for the miter and bevel are very solid with easy to read incremental adjustments.

Is a Festool miter saw worth the price?

Yes, it’s the best miter saw you can get (short of some specialized tools costing even more) but as a first Festool, the money is probably better spent elsewhere if you have other needs in your shop.

Why is festool so expensive?

Festools’ cost is largely in part to where it sources its products. unlike most major power tool brands Festool doesn’t leverage cheap labor in Asia. Rather, Festool uses manufacturing in Europe and North America. This makes the end products more expensive, yes, but also makes the quality that much better.

Is festool better than DeWalt?

Festool is that much better than DeWalt/Makita/Milwaukee. However it is NOT worth it for something like 95% of the users of woodworking tools. These are pro tools that can pay their way if you are a pro, where time=money and you need them to feed your family.

Do I really need a dual bevel miter saw?

The most popular uses of these types of saws is for custom and handcrafted items. These include both trim and crown molding, among other projects. Using a double bevel miter saw for these projects is really smart because it saves you a lot of time and energy.

What is the advantage of a sliding miter saw?

Sliding compound miter saws have all the versatility of compound miter saws and a sliding feature, similar to a radial arm saw, allowing you to move the blade forward and backward. The major advantage of the sliding feature is the increased length of cut it provides.

Why do you need a sliding miter saw?

A sliding miter saw is a type of miter saw that adds rails to let the saw blade slide front to back across the wood. It gives you a much greater depth of cut than the same size miter saw without rails. Most sliding miter saws also include the ability to make a compound cut.

What is the difference between a bevel and miter cut?

A miter is an angled cut made across the face, or width, of a board. A bevel is an angled cut made through the thickness of a board. Any miter saw can cut a miter and a bevel, depending on how the board is placed onto the saw.

Do all miter saw make bevel cuts?

Both single and dual miter saws can make miter and bevel cuts, and both use circular saw blades for cutting.

What is a pocket cut?

Pocket cuts. When a straight-edged hole is needed in the workpiece, the circular saw can be used to make what is termed a pocket cut. Adjust the depth of cut so that the saw will cut no more than a quarter inch beyond the thickness of the wood. Power up to full speed, then gradually lower the saw.

What’s a bevel cut?

A bevel is an angled cut relative to the face of the material. This can be an angled cut along the entire side of a plank of wood, or cut at the end of the wood. The picture above is a bevel cut into the end of a piece of wood. Mitre. A mitre is an angled cut cut relative to the square side of the material.

When should you make a bevel cut?

Generally, bevel cuts are used in carpentry to create small pieces of wood that are more aesthetically pleasing and resistant to weathering. Furthermore, bevel cuts are also used to soften the edge of wood. For example, a wood piece with a bevel cut can serve as trim around the base of a wall.

What is Mitre cut?

A mitre joint (often miter in American English) is a joint made by cutting each of two parts to be joined, across the main surface, usually at a 45° angle, to form a corner, usually a 90° angle. It is called beveling when the angled cut is done on the side, although the resulting joint is still a mitre joint.

What’s at bevel used for?

A sliding T-bevel is an instrument that is used for both laying out and transferring angles. These tools are pivotal for many different kinds of construction jobs, especially for those in which the ideal 90° angles are not possible.

What are Mitre square used for?

A miter square or mitre square is a hand tool used in woodworking and metalworking for marking and checking angles other than 90°.

What is the difference between try square and Mitre Square?

A try square is used for checking right angles (90°) and a mitre square is for 45° angles (135° angles are also found on mitre squares because they are created by the 45° intercept). These are different to combination squares which look similar and also measure 90°and 45° angles.