Is it worth it to return the skeleton key?

Is it worth it to return the skeleton key?

This will allow lockpicks to not break when you’re attempting to pick the lock. After you get the perk, return the Skeleton Key to Twilight Spechuler. There’s no penalty for keeping the key, except that you can’t continue the guild questline. Keeping the Skeleton Key just gives you an unbreakable lockpick.

What is the strongest creature in Skyrim?

Skyrim: The 15 Most Powerful Enemies, Ranked

  1. 1 Dragon Priest. There’s nothing more terrifying in Skyrim than the wrath of a Dragon Priest.
  2. 2 Karstaag.
  3. 3 Miraak.
  4. 4 Ebony Warrior.
  5. 5 Legendary Dragon.
  6. 6 Forgemaster.
  7. 7 Nightmaster Vampire.
  8. 8 Draugr Death Overlord.

What level is best for Nightingale Armor?

Nightingale Armor – Acquired during the course of the Thieves Guild quest “Trinity Restored” – Best version is available at or above level 32.

Is Dawnbreaker worth using?

Dawnbreaker is useful early on in the game. Burns undead and makes them explode and flee. If your smithing is high enough them improving it still does okay. Most unique weapons are just okay early on.

What level should I get Chillrend?

The best possible version is available at level 46. Target takes 5 points of frost damage to Health and Stamina.

Is the Nightingale Armor good?

The Nightingale armor is easier to get, much more versatile, lends well to various playstyles, better sneaking, but its armor rating SUCKS and it doesn’t benefit from Smithing perks. You CAN still get your armor rating to 567 wearing this, but it’s harder.

Is Dragonbane leveled?

Dragonbane is a leveled unique Blades sword found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The sword is leveled, and the magnitude of the enchantments, base strength, and value are based upon character level.

Is Dragon’s Bane good Genshin?

Dragons bane is decent.

Does the mace of Molag Bal level with you?

The mace’s enchantment is not leveled to your character so it can be a very powerful weapon for the early levels. The mace is useful as a powerful weapon, and is useful for debilitating enemies. This allows for speedy skill leveling, making enemies’ attacks weaker.

Can you make the mace of Molag Bal legendary?

Even if your Smithing is at 100 and you have all the perks in the tree, the Mace of Molag Bal, (Or any other Daedric Artifact) can be improved to legendary by traditional means.

Can you sell the mace of Molag Bal?

So no. Don’t sell it. I always keep unique items. If you don’t want to use it and you have a home, drop it in a weapon rack/display where you can admire it.

Where is the abandoned house in Markarth?

The Abandoned House is located in Markarth next to Arnleif and Sons Trading Company. Although abandoned, the house is fully furnished. It has three rooms and a tunnel in the basement leading to a shrine to Molag Bal.

Is Molag Bal in Skyrim?

Molag Bal is voiced by Christopher Corey Smith in Skyrim and by Malcolm McDowell in The Elder Scrolls Online. In Dawnguard, it is said that pure-blooded female vampires have to “offer themselves” to Molag Bal.

What is the mace of Molag Bal?

The Mace of Molag Bal, also known as the Vampire’s Mace, is a Daedric artifact of Molag Bal, the Lord of Domination, Enslavement and Rape. Its enchantment drains the stamina and magicka of its victims and transfers them to the wielder. It has been said to be a good weapon of choice for slaughtering wizards.

However, if you want to continue on with the quest chain, you must return the key to complete the quest. But be sure to take out as many locks as you have before you do! But however, what you can do is keep the Skeleton Key until you get Lockpicking to 100 and got the perk Unbreakable.

What Does the Skeleton Key do in DBD?

When the Skeleton or Dull Key is used to unlock a Black Lock, the glass token protects the Key from breaking, channelling the Black Fog’s energy into the glass.

Can you make skeleton keys in mk11?

The only way to get Skeleton Keys is to run through the Krypt and open all the chests you can. the only problem is that the skeleton key is a random drop from the chest which means you will need to grind through the Krypt.

Where is the shattered staff in MK11?

The Thunder God’s Shattered Staff is used to open the locked door to the Kytinn Hive room, itself in the Torture Halls of Goro’s Lair. It can be found by interacting with the crushed Raiden statue in the Courtyard with the Amulet of Earthrealm’s Protector in the inventory.

Can you play as ermac in MK11?

While he may not be one of the 25 playable fighters on Mortal Kombat 11’s roster, Ermac can still be found in the game if players know where to look in the Krypt. This includes Ermac, who has been in the series since Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, but has been regulated to a Krypt cameo in the new game.

How did mileena get shinnok’s amulet?

The amulet was recovered by Kotal Kahn after Mileena’s death, and the relic was stolen by D’Vorah, who was an acolyte of Shinnok, and brought to Quan Chi in Earthrealm. As Quan Chi was executed by Hanzo Hasashi, the sorcerer undid the seal on his master, releasing Shinnok.

Where is the Ensorcelled gem of trapped souls?

The second item is the Ensorcelled Gem of Trapped Souls, and it can only be found by unlocking a specific Soul Vault found in the Dead Woods area. The specific Soul Vault that has the Ensorcelled Gem will be the one that needs 10,000 Souls to open.

What does Kronikas amulet do?

Ermac’s Amulet Use: Can be used to unlock green Soul Vaults using Soul Fragments, and lift rubble or restore bridges (some may cost Soul Fragments, some do not).