Is it possible to kill SCP-173?

Is it possible to kill SCP-173?

SCP-173 is a sculpture constructed out of concrete. It is capable of moving at high speeds and will kill by either snapping at the base of the skull or strangulation.

Why does SCP-682 Fear SCP 173?

SCP-682 fears 173 because of the incredible power it holds, its speed, its strength. 173 almost killed 682, and when they took a picture of 173 using that camera that reveals thoughts, it was black.

What’s the most useful SCP?

2000, literally resurrecting all of humanity has its uses. SCP-2000.

What are the nicest SCPs?

SCP-131, SCP-529, and SCP-530 are also good “nice” SCPs.

Which is the most harmless SCP?

SCP-1370 is one that is harmless, but still, why it is that way is unknown. This can be applied to a lot of SCPs, and even if it looks harmless, there needs to be a way to prevent something bad from happening, like the Builder Bear.

Which SCPs are harmless?

SCP-169 is currently harmless, although nobody know what would happen when it awake. SCP-732 by itself is harmless, although the consequences of altered data can be bad. SCP-990 and SCP-2702 are even helpful.

What is the cutest SCP?

Description: SCP-682-Cu is the cutest ickle lizard we have ever seen. It appears to like cuddles and was observed to cuddle SCP-079 during their limited time of friendship. SCP-682-Cu appears to love every living thing, which has been expressed in several interviews during play time.

What is the ugliest SCP?

Description: SCP-XXXX is a human female, 102 cm tall and 64 kg in mass. The face of it is physically deformed, sporting a ‘crooked’ nose, ‘wonky’ teeth, ‘gawking’ eyes and an unfavourable face-length: clocking in at 25 cm. SCP-XXXX is often seen expressing discontent with it’s psychical features.

How many people have died from SCP?

Multiply the world population by at least 2. So approximately 7.5 billion multiplied by the number of times SCP-2000 has been used. Billions and billion of people has been killed by SCPs.

What is the most loved SCP?

Even though there are most likely a few more out there for me to discover, these are my Top 10 Current Favourites from the SCP wiki.

  1. SCP-597: The Mother.
  2. SCP-1983: The Farmhouse.
  3. SCP-1548: The Hateful Star.
  4. SCP-106: The Old Man.
  5. SCP-682: The Hard-To-Destroy Reptile.
  6. SCP-1782: Tabula Rasa.
  7. SCP-096: The Shy Guy.

What are the top 10 strongest SCPs?

Top 10 Most Dangerous SCP Foundation Creatures

  • SCP-682. Yea he is definitely strong but how can he not want to kill other scp’s unless he thinks they are him.
  • SCP-106. He can literally walk through walls, and if anything touches him like a bullet for instance it would just corrode.
  • SCP-001.
  • SCP-096.
  • SCP-049.
  • SCP-173.
  • SCP-343 (GOD)
  • SCP-2700.

Is siren head an SCP?

Siren Head was created by Trevor Henderson, who is known for making various bizarre creatures over the internet. Siren Head was proposed to the SCP Foundation site as the non-canon SCP-6789, but it got removed by the Foundation, and they stated that Siren Head is not an SCP.

How does SCP 895 kill you?

The containment has a control room with a small CCTV monitor. Upon entering the control room, the player’s head will be drawn towards the monitor. If the player views the monitor long enough, it will cause several disturbing pictures to flash on the screen, and will eventually kill the player.

What ever happened to Site 13?

This conflicts with current records, which show that Site-13 was a project that, while intended to be constructed in Nome, was scrapped for the larger and more advanced Site-19 and never completed. Flora located on-site have been traced back to those native to the Alaskan region.

What SCP was at Site 22?