Is hollowing a metaphor for depression?

Is hollowing a metaphor for depression?

One of the main concepts of this game, is accurate depiction of Depression. The Curse itself is the metaphor of Depression and Hollowing is the metaphor of what depression does to humans.

Is Dark Souls dead?

In a report via VG247, FromSoftware has confirmed that the Dark Souls franchise has died.

Is Manus the first human?

I believe that Manus is the first real human, and sucessor to the pygmy. Casting humanity as socery, and a clump of humanity as his soul, I beleive that Manus might be another ancestor to the Chosen undead.

Can you survive seath?

There is no “official” way to skip the first encounter with Seath, you’re intended to die there. As mentioned by Ben and Jubatus in the comments, you could also wear a Ring of Sacrifice during the first encounter with Seath to nullify the death penalty and keep your humanity and souls.

Is seath immortal?

Though he was never an immortal, Seath is nonetheless still a dragon, and as a consequence of that greatly susceptible to Lightning Damage.

Is seath the Scaleless evil?

Seath isn’t really “evil” unless you’re one of the Everlasting Dragons he betrayed. Seath isn’t really “evil” unless you’re one of the Everlasting Dragons he betrayed. Even the nefarious stuff he gets up to by and during the events of the game is only evil from our perspectives.

Why did Gwyn fear humanity?

Gwyn resents humanity because it’s a constant reminder of his mortality. Gwyn is powerful, Gwyn will live for ages, but he isn’t necessarily immortal. He can be killed, his knights can be killed, and they can be wiped out, like they wiped out the Dragons.

Is the chosen undead stronger than Gwyn?

As such we can only say that the Chosen Undead is stronger than a burnt out Gwyn who connected the flame for a while. At least without considering the DLC. That is strong, but not that impressive (for a Dark Souls protagonist). The DLC adds an more important feat: Beating Manus, Father of the Abyss.