Is Bloodhound a Viking?

Is Bloodhound a Viking?

Biography. “Technological Tracker” Bloodhound, whose real name, age, and homeworld are unknown, is either “non-binary, or at least non-specified, in terms of gender.”. However, they seem to be Icelandic or otherwise related to Old Norse language and mythology because of: Their accent.

What gender is bloodhound?

*taps mic* Bloodhound is non-binary.

What religion is bloodhound?

What we do know about Bloodhound is that they call on the Norse Gods of old Earth to help them track down their enemies on the battlefield, so we know they’re religious, if literally nothing else.

What accent is bloodhound apex legends?

Clark went on to state that she’d used an ‘Old Norse’ accent for Bloodhound, and reiterated the fact that the character is non-binary when confusion arose as to Clark’s gender in playing the role.

What bloodhound calls himself?

During the character selection phase, Bloodhound sometimes introduces themselves as ‘Blóðhundur’, which is Bloodhound in Icelandic. Furthermore, the character sometimes refers to enemies as ‘andskoti’, which means ‘devil’ or ‘demon’ in Icelandic, further cementing what we’ve got going here.

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