How tall is a Chao?

How tall is a Chao?

I’m pretty sure all the chao have the same height (40cm), aside from whatever things are sticking out of their heads etc. You could measure these “extra bits” by eyeballing them, or comparing them against the neutral chao. They’ll all be the same basic size, just with different bits stuck on.

How many times can a Chao evolve?

Your Chao is evolving from a child to an adult! A Chao is considered to be a child until it evolves. Chao can evolve into one of three alignments, and one of five different ability types. This makes for a total of fifteen different possible evolutions!

How do you reincarnate a Chao?

If you treat your chao good, and they love you(you can tell if they do if when they see you they will wave or bow, or even run to you), they will reincarnate. The cocoon at the end of their lifespan will be pink, and they will be reborn into an egg.

How can I make my Chao age faster?

To get your chao to age quickly, stay in the chao garden with it and then leave for a bit.

How do I increase my Chao stamina grade?

Stamina, unlike the other visible stats, is not increased by animals or drives. Instead, stamina is increased by feeding a Chao fruits. The Mushroom and Strong Fruit increases stamina more quickly than garden fruits. Stamina is also used as the Health stat in Chao Karate, increasing the Chao’s Health.

How do you shake a Chao egg?

Pick up the egg using the action button, and while still holding the button down, move the analogue stick or directional keys to shake it. After about 5-10 seconds of shaking the egg, place it back down on the ground. The egg will start to bobble, and then your Chao will hatch from it.

How do you get a Chao Egg in Sonic Adventure 2?

Sonic Adventure 2 They have the same role as in Sonic Adventure. Like in that game, the player can get two free Chao Eggs by entering a Chao Garden for the first time in a game. Also, the player can get more by buying them in the Black Market (with the same price as in the previous game) or by pairing two Chao.

How do you get a dark Chao in Sonic Adventure 2?

Sonic Adventure 2 In this game, one can evolve a Chao into a Dark Chao by feeding them Dark Fruit and raise that Chao with Shadow, Rouge and/or Dr. Eggman. Once they go into their first cocoon, the Chao will be a Dark Chao.

How do you name your Chao in Sonic Adventure 2?

The strange Chao at the fortune-telling house will help you to name your Chao. Using her mystical powers, she will decide on a special, lucky name for your Chao. You can choose to accept the name, ask for a new one, or name it yourself.

Does Sonic Adventure 2 have chaos?

As of Sonic Adventure 2, there are three types of Chaos Chao; “Light Chaos”, “Hero Chaos” and “Dark Chaos”. To get a Hero Chaos or a Dark Chaos, the player should give them one animal from either the Hero or Dark characters respectively, and that all of their stats are around equal.

How long does it take to get a hero Chao?

When the Evolution Strength value reaches 1 the Chao will trigger its Evolution by sitting down and forming a Cocoon around itself. After the short amount of time in its cocoon, it will emerge as an adult Chao. The evolution will generally occur sometime around 3 hours in to a Chao’s life.

How do you make chaos Chao?


  1. Your Chao must have reincarnated at least twice.
  2. Your Chao must have over 50 happiness.
  3. You must give your Chao at least one of every animal in its current life.
  4. Your Chao must be balanced, so that it would otherwise evolve into a Normal type.

What is perfect chaos?

Perfect Chaos (パーフェクトカオス, Pāfekuto Kaosu?) is the final boss of Sonic Adventure and the second boss in the HD version of Sonic Generations. It is the Super State of Chaos, assumed by absorbing the negative energies of the seven Chaos Emeralds.

How do you get a shiny two tone Chao?

Two-tone Chao are harder to obtain than Mono-tone Chao because they cannot be bought. Instead, you need to breed for them. An easy way to do this is to buy the matching Mono-tone Chao from the Black Market, and then breed it with one of your starter Chao. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a Two-tone version of that colour.

How do I get a shiny normal Chao?

In order to get the shiny normal colored Chao, you must have two mature Chao: Normal color (Hero, Dark or Neutreal) and a shiny white color (again, Hero, Dark or Neutreal) and mate them (the fastest way is to get Heart Fruit) and the shiny normal colored Chao hatches.

Can chaos chao breed?

Please note that Chaos Chao can never mate. This is because they are immortal, and have no need to reproduce. For this reason, you should think very carefully before creating a Chaos Chao; only do so if you are sure you won’t want to breed it in the future.