How much damage does bastion do?

How much damage does bastion do?

Bastion is a Damage hero in Overwatch….

Role Damage
Health 200
Armor 100
Character Video

Is Bastion a boy or girl?

Chu said Bastion doesn’t have a gender. Heroes in game just seem to kind of call it how they feel like calling it. Many genderless inanimate objects are referred to as “she,” particularly vehicles and weapons.

How old is Doomfist?


Why is Doomfist so bad?

Doomfist is one of the most hated heroes, regardless of his actual state. His playstyle is unorthodox, and he relies on delivering burst damage to players when they are either unaware of him, or have vital abilities on cooldown. He is one of the most hated for good reason.

Is Doomfist a bad guy?

Doomfist is absolutely the main villain, at least for now. Doom’s terrifying precisely because he doesn’t have the same reality-breaking powers of someone like Sigma or to a lesser extent Moira, Tracer and Reaper. He’s a man with all the humanity that comes with it.

Does Widowmaker still love Gerard?

But she clearly still loves Gérard, and his death brings her pain, so clearly she cares and isn’t a total sadistic emotionless killer all the time.

Why is it called Widowmaker heart attack?

The LAD artery carries fresh blood into the heart so that the heart gets the oxygen it needs to pump properly. If it’s blocked, the heart can stop very fast — which is why this type of heart attack is called a “widowmaker.”

What is Widowmaker saying in French?

Instead of traditional “Ouch” she say “Aille” which just the same in “french accent”. Her ult is “Personne n’échappe a mon regard” which is just the english version of “No one hides from my sight”. Hope it helped !

Is Sombra the girl soldier 76 saved?

No she’s not. Sombra is an orphan, Alejandra has parents. Hero short takes place just before OW the game starts and Alejandra is 12 years old, Sombra is 30 years old and lived through Omnic Crisis.

Is Sombra good or evil?

Goodman considers Sombra to be “evil in the sense that she’s kind of only out for herself”, but will stay loyal to her employer, Talon, as well as the situation continues to work out for her and further her own agendas.

Was Sombra an Alicorn?

In the IDW comic of Sombra’s origin story, his mother explains that he is not a crystal pony, but the oposite; a shadow pony. Therefor he cannot be an alicorn nor crystal pony. The magic Sombra uses is alicorn magic. But it was given to him by his mother.

Is Sombra a villain?

Type of Villain Olivia Colomar, better known as Sombra, is one of the playable characters in the 2016 video game Overwatch, and the second to be added after launch. She also serves as the main antagonist of the animated short “Infiltration”.

Why did Sombra join Talon?

Actually, Talon invited Sombra to join after she and Los Muertos exposed the dealings of Guillermo Portero & LumeriCó. Sombra got her upgrades and hacking technology from a tattooed mechanic-type girl in her origin video.

Who is Soldier 76 dating?

The latest piece of Overwatch lore reveals more about Soldier 76’s relationship with a man named Vincent. There’s a new Overwatch lore story that suggests Soldier 76 once had a boyfriend named Vincent.

Is Moira a talon?

Talon is getting more powerful….~ Jack Morrison.

Leadership Inner Council Doomfist Maximilien Moira O’Deorain Reaper Sanjay Korpal
Headquarters Rome
Type Terrorist group
Standing Active

Is Hanzo a talon?

He’s not part of Talon, he’s not part of Overwatch. He was part of a crime family then got out of it that has little to do with anything. He’s just sort of here.