How fast can you click in 10 seconds?

How fast can you click in 10 seconds?

12.1 CPS

What is the highest cps in 1 second?

16 CPS

How fast can u click in 1 minute?

9.7 CPS

How many clicks is 100 seconds?

World Record of Most Clicks in 100 Seconds is 6.2 CPS.

What is the most clicks in 5 seconds?

How Many Clicks Can You Do In 5 Seconds? The world record for the highest clicks in 5 seconds is 15.4 CPS.

What is the world record for the most spacebar clicks?

58 times

How many times can you click the spacebar in 1 minute? is also an amazing site that lets you have a challenge optimally. On this website, just tap the spacebar more than 300 times within a minute. The speed test challenge features at least 6 rows along with 50 rectangular shapes that make complete 300 shapes.

How many times can you click per second?

Most players can click between 8 – 10 clicks per second. How to click faster? The fastest way to click in Minecraft is to use the technique of Jitter Click. Also, you can use the same technique to score higher in Cps Counter.

How do I test my click speed?

Click Speed Test Game – Challenge Yourself

  1. To start the game, hit the ‘Click Here’ button on the gray box available above.
  2. Immediately after clicking the button, start clicking with your mouse as many times as you can in the given timeframe.
  3. Once the time runs out, the final score of the player will be presented.

What is the world record for most spacebar clicks in 30 seconds?


What’s the fastest clicks in 30 second?

830 clicks WORLD RECORD Challenge It! Tom Andre Seppola completed 830 mouse clicks in 30 seconds.

What is the most spacebar clicks in 10 seconds?

Andrew A. pressed the spacebar 145 times in 10 seconds.

How do you hit the space bar faster?

You can try pressing the spacebar halfway down with one finger and gently tapping it fast with another. If you’re gentle enough, you don’t even have to raise your finger off the button.

How fast can you tap your keyboard?

120 WPM

Is MurGee auto typer safe?

MurGee Auto Clicker does not contain any virus, malware or any type of keylogger. You can also download this virus free software using this direct download link or visit and download the software from their website. Yes Software Applications downloaded from are safe & good.

Are auto keyboard pressers safe?

Auto-Keyboard is Virus-Free. You can also download a free version of some of the antivirus software by clicking on the software name.

What is the best auto key clicker?

Top 8 Automatic Keyboard Clickers Recommendation

  1. Macro Toolworks. This is a powerful software which is readily available for Windows PCs and laptops.
  2. TinyTask.
  3. Auto Keyboard Presser.
  4. Auto Keyboard by Murgee.
  5. Perfect Keyboard.
  6. Macro Recorder.
  7. Auto Clicker Auto Keybot.
  8. Auto Macro Recorder.

Is Tiny task Safe?

Unfortunately, TinyTask doesn’t offer good support. However, with such a lightweight program, you won’t face too many hiccups. Since TinyTask is only available for Windows operating systems, you can’t use the program on Mac, iOS, or Android.

Is tiny task a virus?

Well, technically TinyTask could be considered a ‘non-malicious keylogger’ because it does much of what a keylogger does in some respect.