How do you win on Smashy road?

How do you win on Smashy road?

Smashy Road: Wanted Tips and Tricks

  1. Destroy stuff to boost your score. The scoring system in Smashy Road is like a clock in the sense that for each second you survive, your score goes up one point.
  2. Fit through tight spaces.
  3. Avoid unbreakable objects.
  4. Go off road.
  5. Vehicles handle differently.
  6. Pick up money and watch videos for more cash.

How do you unlock the mystery tank in Smashy Road 2?

The Tank is a Mystery vehicle in Smashy Road Wanted 2. It is earned by the achievement “Keep That Tank”, which is earned by destroying 10 Enemies in the Tank within 50 seconds while having the “The Contract” mystery character equipped.

How do you get keys on Smashy road?

Run over 40 zombies within 50 seconds to complete the mission and unlock the Zombie Smasher Mystery Vehicle. Key to Success – Find the carnival and ride the Clown Car. This will instantly unlock the Clown Car Mystery Vehicle and the NOFUN Mystery Character.

What does the beast do in Smashy Road 2?

The Beast’s description is “Gives police nightmares”, a reference to its absurd power from the combination of many powerful vehicles.

How do you get secret cars in Smashy Road 2?

Smashy Road Wanted 2 Mystery Vehicles

  1. Bearbit Racer: Unlocked by collecting 10 smashy road letters. ”
  2. Zombie Smasher: Unlocked by killing or running over 40 zombies “Zombies”
  3. Clown Car: Unlocked by getting the NoFun character and drivng the Clown Car at the circus “key to success”

What do the legendary cars do in Smashy road?

Cars that are ranked legendary are the rarest cars in the game, and are the hardest to get from the Slot machine. As a result, they often have a special ability or good stats, which can help boost a player’s score.

How do I unlock defuser?

Water Jet 3000: Put out a total of six fires minimum. Find a fire and then drive around it for long enough and you will put it out. Repeat a total of six times or more over the course of gameplay. Humvee: Complete “The Defuser”. To do this, unlock the Tik Tom Boom character, which is immune to landmines and comes from.

How do you get Rodeo drift in Smashy road?

Rodeo Drift: Complete “Cowboy Standoff”. Go to the old west town, jump out of your vehicle, run up to him and you will automatically challenge him to a duel. The Tank: Use the Military Man skin and steal a tank, then shoot ten cars before the 50 second timer runs out to complete “Keep That Tank”.

Who made Smashy road?

Bearbit Studios

What is the SRI in Smashy Road 2?

Enemies Smashy Road Wanted 2. SRI class: There is a new class of enemies in SR2: the SRI. Coming in before the military at Wanted Level 5, they drive epic-tier vehicles and possess the second-hardest human NPC enemies in the game.

Is Smashy Road Wanted 2 on PC?

The Smashy Road: Wanted 2 For PC Windows 10, 8, 7, XP or even on Mac Desktop and Laptops computers.

Can you play Smashy Road 2 online?

Multiplayer Mode is a mode added in Smashy Road: Arena which allows the player to compete with other players online and has a ranking system.

How do you change your view in Smashy Road 2?

If you want to change the view point, simply tap on the Settings button and under Gameplay, select te one you like most. These would sum up our Smashy Road: Warrior 2 guide.

How do you change your car on Smashy road?

Smashy Road: Wanted The player gets put into the middle of either a rural area, a city, or a desert. You can travel in any direction however long you want, and can potentially enThe player can choose a vehicle by tapping the car button in the bottom left corner of the screen.