How do you get unlimited golden keys in Borderlands 2?

How do you get unlimited golden keys in Borderlands 2?

To get unlimited free golden keys, you have to have 1 or more already in stock, and go to your Borderlands 2 save games folder (usually My Documents/My Games/Borderlands 2/WillowGame/SaveData/###########). In that folder you’ll find a file named profile.

How do you get unlimited Eridium in Borderlands 2?

The easiest, and most legitimate way of acquiring Eridium without actually exploiting any in-game quest mechanics is to head on over to the slot machines in Mad Moxxi’s bar. It’ll take a bit of scratch, but winning the Eridium jackpot can net you anywhere from 20 to 40 pieces of Eridium to purchase your upgrades with.

How do I get infinite Eridium?

Getting infinite eridium is extremely simple, but more time consuming. Simply do the infinite money exploit, and then use the slot machines until you have all the eridium you want. You can also get weapons and unlock skins by doing this.

What is the max Eridium in Borderlands 2?


Can you trade Eridium in bl2?

there is no way to trade or drop eridium.

How do you trade Eridium?

Trading gear with teammates is a great way to help one another and earn more Eridium.

  1. Approach the teammate you wish to trade with.
  2. When prompted, hold down the button associated with trading (X on Xbox)
  3. The other player will need to hold down the confirm button as shown on the right-hand side of the screen.

Can you trade money in Borderlands 2?

Great for making “bank” characters by using a friend! For those of you with excess cash and diminishing bank space, you can trade cash to a 2nd (or 3rd / 4th) character by using an intermediary.

How do you trade in BL1?

How do you trade weapons in BL1?…User Info: kel25

  1. Drop item.
  2. Another Player picks it up.
  3. Trade complete.

Can you transfer money from one character to another Borderlands 3?

Just split screen trade the money to a level one change characters and give it to the alt from the level one.

Can you store money in Borderlands pre sequel?

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel The stash is located inside the Concordia Security Administration office. Operation and capacity of the safe and the stash is exactly the same as is in Borderlands 2.

What happens if you run out of money in Borderlands 2?

If you die with no money the spawning fee will be waived and/or if you keep dying a lot. You can always go back to regular mode and farm the warrior. Easy way to pick up money and eridium.

How fast can you beat Borderlands 2?

Borderlands 2 is a huge game. Completing the story while doing only a fraction of the side quests takes about 30 hours. Now, add to that all of those extra missions, and you have an even longer experience.

How do I get better at Borderlands 2?

Before You Start… Tips For Playing Borderlands 2 The Best Way

  1. Have friends. Sorry, recluses.
  2. Set aside lots of time for those main story missions.
  3. If you don’t have friends, choose your class wisely.
  4. Plan out your skill tree, but don’t be afraid to respec.
  5. Try out multiple classes.
  6. Play loooooooooots of side quests.
  7. Look for those fancy elemental weapons.
  8. Take your own vehicle.

How do you get stronger in Borderlands 2?

10 Tips For Reaching The Max Level In Borderlands 2

  1. 1 Lots And Lots Of Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
  2. 2 The Mighty Morphin’ Quest.
  3. 3 Farm At Fink’s.
  4. 4 Don’t Neglect The Badass Rank.
  5. 5 Spamming With Slag.
  6. 6 Farm Tinder Snowflake.
  7. 7 Focus On Badass Enemies.
  8. 8 Burn Through The DLC Content.

What’s the highest overpower level in Borderlands 2?

The DLC increases the level cap to 72, but also introduces a new ranking system called “Overpower levels”. This creates an opportunity for fighting enemies and collecting loot rated up to 10 levels with Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary.

What is the best XP farm in Borderlands 2?

The Snowman in the Christmas DLC gives around the same exp as the bunker and hes super easy to kill and you get the loot chest at the end that has a chance to have almost all legendaries. This is my go-to farm for exp and loot. Moonshot glitch is the fastest. Without glitch, Bad Mew is also really fast.

How do you farm Moonshot?

A lot of people seem to think that to properly moonshot farm The Warrior you need to either be in split screen or dashboard/signout with a buddy or yourself as host. Simply put, you don’t. You can load in, call the moonshot, pick up the legendary, and save & quit.

How do you force a Varkid to morph?

Basically what you need to do is run around and kite a group of Varkids (draw aggression but don’t kill) until they grow into morph pods. Do not kill the varkids or pods. Since you need a large number of Varkids, I recommend Tundra Express; it has more Varkids than Caustic Caverns and there are less non-varkid enemies.