How do you farm cloud strike?

How do you farm cloud strike?

Unlock Empire Hunts and complete Variks’ Sabotage missions. Before you can properly start farming for Cloudstrike, you need to complete Variks’ post-campaign bevy of quests. Once you’ve unlocked the starting Sabotage quests and unlocked the ability to purchase Empire Hunts, you should be good to proceed.

How do I get Cloudstrike to drop?

If you want to get Cloudstrike, you’re going to need to farm the weekly Empire Hunt activity as it has a chance to drop at the end of each completed run.

How many tries do you get on Cloudstrike?

The Cloudstrike is a rare, random drop that will appear at the end. The difficulty of the encounter doesn’t appear to matter, as the drop rate for this weapon remains on Rare regardless if you do the 1180, 1220, 1250, or 1280 variant. Mine took around 13 tries before it finally dropped.

Is Cloudstrike worth the grind?

It’s one of the best dps option against taniks in DSC and the best special weapon for boss dps in general. Also you can pair it with the falling guillotine and deal high damage at close or far range so it’s definitely worth grinding.

What weapons should I use for deep stone crypt?

Heavy weapons The Xenophage machine gun is fantastic across the board. The Falling Guillotine and especially The Lament swords are the best options for the second and third encounter. Anarchy is the top choice for final boss DPS if you’re also using a good special weapon.

Can you get Cloudstrike without unlocking Empire hunts?

PSA: Cloudstrike can be unlocked without unlocking Empire Hunts.

What is Cloudstrike good for?

Cloudstrike is a new sniper rifle introduced with Beyond Light. The sniper’s other perk is Mortal Polarity which creates a lightning bolt at a target’s location when you get a precision final blow. This does not help at all against bosses, but keeps the weapon relevant when dealing with amassed small enemies.

Is there a catalyst for Cloudstrike?

There are four new weapons that don’t have catalysts (Eyes, Salvation’s Grip, Lament, Cloudstrike) and then four catalysts that disappeared from the game when Leviathan went away (Telesto, Sleeper, Acrius Skyburners).

How do I get Cloudstrike Destiny 2?

To get the Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, players will need to unlock Empire Hunts and grind until it drops. Since the Deep Space Crypt raid ended in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, three new Exotic Weapons have dropped.

What is the drop rate for the cloud strike?

The percentage has to be around 5%.

Are empire hunts repeatable?

The Empire Hunts are activities that you unlock by completing a mission for Variks after getting through a good portion of the campaign. These will have you go after three followers of Eramis and face them in challenging boss fights. These quests are fairly short and you can attempt them again after completing them.

How do I unlock Empire hunts?

The first 2 stages of each Empire Hunt quest will unlock the Empire Hunt itself. For the Phylaks Warrior Empire Hunt, this will be a random objective quest, and then hunt for House Salvation Platoon and Elite before the Empire Hunt itself and challenge will unlock on the Europa map.