How do you do daily challenges in Destiny 2?

How do you do daily challenges in Destiny 2?

In the Tower you can find the following Challenges from the Vendors:

  1. Zavala: Complete Vanguard bounties.
  2. Shaxx: Complete Crucible bounties.
  3. Banshee-44: Complete Gunsmith bounties.
  4. Hawthorne: Complete clan bounties and earn clan XP.
  5. The Drifter: Complete Gambit bounties.

What does it mean to complete a challenge in Destiny 2?

Completing a challenge will give you a token or two for the relevant location. (i.e. EDZ gives EDZ Tokens, Strikes gives Vanguard Tactician Tokens etc.) Further, there is also a daily milestone for completing a particular set of 3 challenges. Doing so usually rewards you with 10 tokens of the appropriate type.

What is a challenge destiny?

Destiny 2 Challenge Mode is an additional task you must complete during a regular Raid encounter in order to receive bonus rewards. Similar to the original Destiny, these rewards are cosmetic and optional but exclusive all the same – with each one offering a unique Emblem as well as Raid-specific drops.

What challenge do I need to complete for glorious harvest?

To complete a challenge, you need to complete any of the weekly Milestones. You can do a Strike, a Crucible Match, the Nightfall, the Gambit Milestones, etc. Ticking off any of this Milestones will appease Werner 99-40, and you will be able to continue with the quest.

How do you unlock the menagerie challenge?

How to Unlock the Menagerie in Destiny 2

  1. Go visit Benedict-44 in the Tower.
  2. Go visit Werner 99-40 on Nessus.
  3. Kill 10 Cabal.
  4. Kill 25 Vex with melee damage.
  5. Generate orbs, earn XP, and complete one challenge.
  6. Locate the chest in the Well of Flame on Nessus.
  7. Return to Werner 99-40.

Where is the tribute hall on the Leviathan?

The Tribute Hall is also found on Nessus, but it can only be accessed through the Directory in the Destinations tab—the area can be found right next to the same marker you would use to start the Leviathan raid (as seen below).

How do you unlock tribute Hall?

Unlocking the Tribute Hall in Destiny 2

  1. Go to Nessus and head to the barge where Werner 99-40 is.
  2. Pay 5,000 Glimmer to open the golden chest next to Werner and get a new quest step.
  3. Choose Nessus from your Director menu, then choose the Tribute Hall icon in the lower left corner of the screen.