How do you catch the big fish in hooked Inc?

How do you catch the big fish in hooked Inc?

In Hooked Inc, your main objective is completing the collection of fish; common, rare, and epic. Epic fish appears from time to time in the ocean; but to catch it, you will need to increase the fishing experience. All you need to do is swipe on it to deal damage(swiping the fish reduces its health.

How do you get more crew members in hooked Inc?

Just open the game, collect the bonus, and then close it. Use all of those free gems to buy one crew member at a time. They go up in price gradually – the first one costs 13 gems, but the sixth one costs 263 gems, for example. Each crew member has specific bonuses.

What does the buoy do in hooked Inc?

By using Christmas Buoy you can catch Event Fish. Can be upgraded by getting buoy upgrade blueprint from completing specified level of a challenges.

What is the easiest way to get gems in hooked Inc?

How to Make Free Gems in Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon

  1. Complete your goals. Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon’s Gems are used to recruit new crew members who increase the amount of money you earn with their special abilities.
  2. Participate in events in the game.
  3. Spin the lucky wheel.
  4. View advertisement.
  5. Login every day.

What does fishing experience do in hooked Inc?

Similar to credit in other games, when you collect your fishing experience in hooked company, you start over, but keep your crew, crowns, items, and gems, and make a big boost forever. Each fishing experience equals a 1% increase to your income.

What is the fastest way to get fishing exp in hooked Inc?

The best way to continuously earn experience is to take advantage of your crew members. Just keep your phone running by turning off the auto-sleep feature then leave it plugged in to a charger. Your crew will continue to catch fish for you, which in turn helps you get more experience.

Where are the Easter eggs hidden in hooked Inc?

Can you find the hidden eggs? Location: In the Anchor menu, Sitting next to the Multiplier Wheel.

How do you get more stars in hooked Inc?

Each fish is split up into one of three categories – Common, Rare, and Epic. Capturing a new type of fish for the first time awards you with a Star, which impacts the amount of cash you’ll earn by swiping up more fish. The number of stars you have times your Fishing Experience level determines your Earning Bonus.

Why can’t I catch the big fish on hooked Inc?

When the health of the fish reaches 0, you get the fish). But if you have a low-quality boat, items(equipment), low-fishing experience, you will not be able to catch the epic fish in the Hooked Inc game. It sounds difficult, but it’s not. Upgrade the boat, items, and crews to progress.

How do you get the heart fish in hook Inc?

The Heartfish is a rare fish that can only be caught in the Red Waters. When the Bow & Arrow item is equipped, chances of spawning are increased significantly. Everyone May Catch This At Valentines Day.

How do you increase fishing hook Inc?

Leave your phone in the charger with the game active, and let your boat with all of its crew members (as long as you have crew) catch the fish while your phone is plugged into the charger. You’ll end up with far more fish than you would if your phone simply went offline.

Where are the eggs hidden on hooked Inc?

What is a pinky in hooked Inc?

The Pinky is a rare fish that can only be caught while the PinkPopper item is equipped. It grants two stars upon first being caught. they will also be found swimming alongside schools of fish.

Where is the bread on hooked Inc?

You have to tap on the compass icon in the bottom left corner, and tap on the collect fishing exp button. Then you will see a fisherman in a wooden boat, you have to tap on the boat. You will see slices of bread appear.