How do I beat Hyperius the invincible?

How do I beat Hyperius the invincible?

One player can use singularity grenades to pull all the loaders tightly together. Other players may then throw corrosive cloud grenades or fire corrosive rocket launchers to simultaneously damage the bots. When loaders go into healing mode, deal massive damage on Hyperius.

How do you kill Master Gee the Invincible?

Players will require 8 Eridium to enter his arena. Master Gee will be kneeling in the center of the arena at the start. The fight will not trigger until a player harms Master Gee. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to kill Master Gee by simply firing bullets at him, because of his tremendous amount of shield and health.

What element is Hyperius weak to?


How do I unlock Master Gee?

He can only be found upon completing the DLC’s main mission line, and is available for challenge after the person hosting the game has beaten the Hyperius the Invincible mission. Master Gee’s mission is appropriately named “Master Gee the Invincible”, and is given by Shade.

How do I survive Hyperius Nova?

Edit: Just to toss some advice in, what I have found the best to do on him is to burn 4 of his robots down to very close to dead, like 5-10 shots from dieing, kill the other ones and then attack Hyperius through his shield till he is at about 55% then wait for him to do a nova and burn the remaining robots as fast as …

When can you fight Hyperius?

Hyperius the Invincible After you have completed the final story mission, “X Marks the Spot”, this mission will be available from shade in Oasis. To reach Hyperius, you will need to go through the Washburne Refinery and it will cost 8 Eridium when you get to the entrance.

How do you beat Haderax the invincible solo?

Haderax will heal rapidly at certain points in the fight — if you want to defeat him solo, you need to stop his healing. The only way to do that is to hid Haderax with slag element weapons. Next, you need to reach our special cheesing spot — that’s an area where Haderax can’t hit you.

What does Pyro Pete drop?

Aside from those seraphs, he doesn’t drop anything specific, but he can drop any* legendary and any* pearl.

How do you beat Pyro?

The trick to win is to use ranged attacks towards its core then switch to melee once it collapses. Continue this process until the Pyro Regisvine is defeated. It will drop tons of valuable items like an Adventurer’s Flower and Berserker’s Timepiece.

How do I get rid of Pyro Pete’s helmet?

Get the Trespasser from the mordecai quest. It goes through shields so about 2 headshots takes him helmet off so you can crit with any gun. The bee plus slag and a shock sand hawk is a pretty good way to take his shield out.

Can Seraph weapons drop in TVHM?

They can only drop in UVHM afaik, but you can purchase them from the seraph vendor in normal and TVHM. (There are also nodrop weapons that can only be purchased from seraph vendors.)

What is a Seraph Guardian?

The locations to the Seraph Guardians are given to you when you get the Mission to kill them upon beating the main storyline for each DLC. i.e. become arena champion in Torgue DLC and Moxxi gives you Mission to kill Pyro Pete again, but this time he’s an Invincible.