How do I avoid killing Keira?

How do I avoid killing Keira?

In essence, just don’t be a jerk with her, try to understand the person she is, and when the opportunity arises (when she tells Geralt that she’s going to Radovid), tell her that’s suicide, and there’s a better way: go to Kaer Morhen.

Should I kill JR Witcher 3?

If you spare him, he becomes a hobo and you see him getting attacked by some kids. If you kill him, Dudu takes over his identity and turns his business legit. It’s probably better for revenge to spare him but you make Dudu’s and maybe some other peoples lives better if you kill him.

Should you talk to Cleaver Witcher 3?

To start the Gangs of Novigrad quest you must speak with Cleaver. In order to complete the quest, it does not matter if you ask for the dwarves’ help outside the casino, which should be hit first, and the arena which should come second if I remember correctly.

Is Philippa Eilhart bad?

9 Philippa Isn’t Quite As Evil In The Books As She Is In The Games. Philippa Eilhart is one of the most cunning and cruel sorceresses in The Witcher franchise. However, in the games, she is depicted as a treacherous and malevolent egomaniac.

Can you save Gustav Roene?

Your first opponent will be Gustav Roene. When you defeat him, you can either kill him or spare him. If you spare him, you will have to kill a few wild dogs (9) that will be released into the arena, but Gustav will help you in all your next fights.

Should I help Anisse Berthold?

Use Axii either way to convince them to come along with you to the Kingfisher Inn to meet the other mages. Your contact at the inn, Olivier will die if you choose to save Anisse and Berthold. Abandon Anisse & Berthold – Go straight to the Kingfisher inn and Olivier will be alive. Anisse and Berthold will die.

Where is the secret stash in Witcher 3?

Turn left and activate your Witcher Senses. Locate the glowing red torch on the far wall and interact with it to open the secret door nearby. Head on through, loot the Cidarian cavalry armour from the small chest to the left then open the box directly ahead. Take the mysterious letter and the coins that you find.

Can you find count Reuven’s treasure?

Yup. The “Djikstra likes you” result only comes if you go through with the torture and then ask about the treasure BEFORE asking about Dandelion. Don’t allow the torture to finish: You get to fight everyone, Djikstra’s upset, you get a little extra quest to find out where Dandelion is.

Where do I bury Iris Witcher 3?

After coming to the conclusion that Iris needs her body interred, head down the front steps and into the yard. Head to the easel sitting beneath the tree, up the stairs at the front of the yard. Interact with it to begin the burial ritual. Once Iris’s spirit appears, follow her through the portal into the painting.