Does Rainbow 6 have cross-save?

Does Rainbow 6 have cross-save?

Developer Ubisoft Montréal is working on cross-progression and cross-platform play for Rainbow Six: Siege, though these features may only see the light of day on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The bridging of the gap included cross-save progression and crossplay, the company insisted.

Does Ubisoft have cross-save?

Ubisoft is launching Ubisoft Connect, a network that replaces Ubisoft Club and Uplay. Ubisoft Connect also stores save data, allowing cross-save across all platforms in upcoming Ubisoft games. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Hyper Scape and Immortals Fenyx Rising are some of the games that will support cross-save.

Will r6 have cross-progression?

For the players. Ubisoft has been quite busy of late, especially when it comes to its tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege.

Is Division 2 cross-progression?

Cross-progression is available with The Division 2 for PC and Stadia. To take advantage of the feature, you will need to link your Stadia account to your Ubisoft account. Please note that although you do not need to own the game on both platforms for cross-play, it is necessary for cross-progression.

Is d1 cross-platform?

At this time, there is no cross-platform support for The Division. You can find more information about the game by visiting our dedicated support page and the The Division official website.

Does Divinity Original Sin 2 have Crossplay?

While Divinity Original Sin 2 does not feature cross-platform play, it does have a cross-save feature! This feature is only available through Steam and the Switch.

Is the Division 2 Dead on PC?

The Division 2 on Xbox and PC isn’t done yet, will receive more content later this year. The Division isn’t done being updated yet.

Is there a dark zone in Warlords of New York?

Massive revealed in a recent State of the Game video that they now intend on the Dark Zones being a place for, “the wolves.” To bring this new vision to life they have made sweeping changes to all three Dark Zones.

What level is Warlords of New York?

level 40

What’s the highest World tier in Division 2?

World Tier 4