Can you time skip in egg Inc?

Can you time skip in egg Inc?

Since Egg, Inc. is an idle clicker game, it is only natural that there are timers within the game. It doesn’t anymore, do a skip, it ‘ll show the detected icon.

What do mystical eggs do in Egg Inc?

They function as an extra multiplier of your current Soul Eggs, increasing their multiplier by 5% per Egg of Prophecy. They are referred to as ‘rare Soul Eggs’ in the explanation message.

What do the gold eggs do in Egg Inc?

Golden Eggs are a form of premium currency in Egg, Inc. They can be used for purchasing Boosts, Epic Research, the Hyperloop, and crafting Artifacts.

How are mystical eggs earned?

These eggs cannot be hatched by chickens. They are obtained through special means and enhance all of your farms.

How do you get a soul egg?

You gain Soul Eggs by prestiging, completing certain Challenges or Trophies, the Daily Gift Calendar, or sometimes goals in a Contract. Your prestige earnings can be found under Stats.

What is the goal of egg Inc?

Egg, Inc is an idle clicker game developed and published by American studio Auxbrain Inc on Android and iOS devices. It is about a future in which eggs unlock the secrets of the universe. The player’s goal in the game is to make the most profitable egg farm.

Is Egg Inc a computer?

Use BlueStacks to play Egg, Inc. on PC and Mac to enjoy the sweet 3D animations and graphics on a large screen. No more squinting to read descriptions or to see your egg farm.

What do vehicles do in Egg Inc?

Vehicles are used to export eggs. There are twelve tiers of vehicles. You can look in your vehicle tab by tapping the Shipping Depot. The depot changes appearance as capacity increases.

How do you get the Hyperloop egg Inc?

Hyperloop Trains and their cars must be purchased again on each new farm. Prior to being unlocked, an under-construction form of the Hyperloop station appears on the farm when a player’s max shipping rate exceeds 300 billion eggs per minute.

How much does a Hyperloop train cost in egg Inc?

A HYPERLOOP! -Cost: 50,000 Golden Eggs Hope you enjoy!

What does hold to research do egg Inc?

Research is a feature in Egg, Inc. which allows you to spend Bocks to upgrade some quality relating to your hatchery, habitats, vehicles, or anything else on the farm.

What does repetition rate do in Egg Inc?


Title Description Maximum
Epic Comfy Nests Increase egg laying rate by 5%. +100%
Transportation Lobbyists Increase vehicle capacity by 5%. +150%
Prophecy Bonus Increase bonus per egg of prophecy by 1%(compounding) +5%
Hold to Research Increase repetition rate when holding down research button by 25% +200%