Can you marry Rayya in Skyrim?

Can you marry Rayya in Skyrim?

Rayya can be asked to become a steward for a homestead in Hearthfire. She is also a candidate for marriage.

Can I store stuff in Anise’s Cabin?

The cabin’s basement is non-respawning, meaning that all containers are safe for storage. Several of the containers on the ground floor of the cabin are also standard safe containers (e.g., the cupboard and dresser). Be careful, as the barrel is not safe.

Why do hired thugs attack in Skyrim?

Hired Thugs are hostile characters which can appear in any random event location. This is only supposed to occur after the Dragonborn has stolen goods from a character, repeatedly trespassed, assaulted someone, or murdered someone.

Should I kill Aicantar?

You don’t have to kill him. You can avoid killing him by using invisibility potions and sneaking past him and the guards. To answer the other question, he won’t try to kill you later or report you to the guards if you spare him. It’ll be as if he never knew it was you who sneaked into Calcelmo’s laboratory.

Should you kill Aringoth?

Brynjolf tells the Dragonborn not to kill Aringoth unless he tries to stop them. There are no repercussions for killing him either way, though Maven will express disappointment. If Aringoth is killed, his coffin can be found in the Hall of the Dead in Riften.

Can I kill mercenaries in loud and clear?

yes it does, it’s the TG way- that you can’t kill anyone during the normal TG quests but this was a special quest given by Mercer and Brynjolf so you’re allowed to kill if the situation requires it.

What happens if I burn more than 3 beehives Skyrim?

Burning the hives If the Dragonborn’s equipped weapon has a fire damage enchantment, or if they are holding a torch, just walking close to a beehive will set it on fire. If the Dragonborn burns any more than three, Brynjolf will be displeased and the Dragonborn will forfeit any money reward.

What to do if you run out of Lockpicks Skyrim?

If you fail to pick the lock, your only alternative is to do your time. Or carry a wooden plate at all times… Ask a follower to pick it.