Can you marry anyone in the Thieves Guild?

Can you marry anyone in the Thieves Guild?

Most of the Thieves Guild “aren’t the marrying type.” Nor the Dark Brotherhood, but you can marry Muiri who sent you to go kill her…

How do you become ethereal in Skyrim?

Become Ethereal You can find this area by heading south of Bard’s Leap Summit. Head to Winterhold to find this final Word Wall for this Dragon Shout at the end of Ironbind Barrow.

What to do when you become a vampire in Skyrim?

Curing vampirism

  1. Ask any bartender about any rumors going around, and they direct the infected person to Falion in Morthal, who studies vampires.
  2. Once there, he informs the vampire that a ritual can be performed to reverse the curse.
  3. Fill the Black Soul Gem by casting Soul Trap on a humanoid target.

What does Aura whisper do in Skyrim?

Aura Whisper is a dragon shout that reveals nearby mobile entities, similar to the Detect Life spell effect. Aura Whisper will reveal both NPCs and creatures. Unlike the Detect Life spell, it does not show if the entities detected are friendly or hostile.

How do you get into the secret room in Ustengrav depths?

where there was a skeleton sitting on a throne. Then look up you will see a broken upper pathway. Follow it to where you can get on it. Its near the hill you came down to get into the area.

Where is the horn in Ustengrav?


What is in Ustengrav in Skyrim?

Ustengrav is a medium-sized Nordic ruin northeast of Morthal containing draugr, warlocks, bandits, skeletons, and frostbite spiders. It contains two zones: Ustengrav and Ustengrav Depths. Bandits have occupied the ruins, and have set up a camp outside the entrance.

Can Ustengrav be cleared?

Ustengrav (as well as several other locations) cannot be cleared. If you want to see if it can be cleared, go there alone and in every cell use the killall command.

Where is the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller?

The mythical horn of Jurgen Windcaller is tucked away in Ustengrav located slightly northeast of Morthal. Within Ustengrav, you will find many spellcasters, draugrs and standard cave-crawling fare.

How do you kill the cultists in Skyrim?

in those situations if they ambush you outside cities then use your battle cry to scare them and then run away as fast as possible in the direction of the nearest town, if they ambush you in a town, then just hang back and keep healing while the town guards and citizens take care of the cultists.

How do I call my horse in Skyrim?

There’s no option in Skyrim to call a horse to you, like whistling in Assassins Creed, but whenever you own a horse and fast travel to a location that is outdoors, the horse automatically appears together with you.

How do I use the whirlwind shout in Skyrim?

To use the shout, bring up the Magic menu and “equip” Whirlwind Sprint from your list of shouts. Talk to Arngeir to open the gate and use the Whirlwind Sprint to explode past the gate to finally complete Way of the Voice and move onto The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

How fast can the Dragonborn run?

The LDB can run 214 km/h, Whirlwind Sprint consistently at 461 km/h, Whirlwind Sprint in a single instance at 1406 km/h, and can swing his sword at about 3606 km/h. The Dragonborn can run at 357,432 furlong per fortnight.