Can you have 2 accounts on golf clash?

Can you have 2 accounts on golf clash?

You can however assign multiple recovery options to the same Golf Clash account. This means that one Golf Clash account can be secured to a Facebook profile, an email address and a phone number.

Can you make money playing golf clash?

In golf clash, there are many resources out of which coins and gems are primary currencies, and for earning them while playing the game, you have to use workable and legit golf clash hack and tricks. The game allows you to play with each other in real time.

How do I recover my unsecured golf account?

To recover a Golf Clash account, simply select the settings cog in the top left-hand corner of the main menu screen. On this screen tap the ‘Recover existing profile’ button.

How do I unlink my clash of clans from my Facebook?

Open facebook and open menu then click on account settings and then on connected apps and remove any game on that option.

How do I get more practice tokens in golf clash?

Season Rewards – Practice Tokens can be found on the Season rewards track. You can earn these rewards simply by collecting more Season Tokens. Season Tokens can be collected from Chest and by completing Challenges.

How do you save a replay on golf clash?

This can be accessed from the main menu screen by selecting the cog icon located in the top left hand corner. Once you have signed into Google Play you will be able to share any recent or saved replays. These can be accessed by pressing the replay icon from the main menu screen.

How do you share a shot with your clan in clash of clans?

When viewing a shot replay in the replays section, you will see a ‘share’ option. Selecting this option will allow you to share your replay to social media channels or share your reply to your clan’s chatroom.

How do you share replays on mini golf king?

GO to the video listings and select one to load by pressing the arrow icon for play, in the video player menu for video selected at top right is a “Share to your team” button.

How do you post replays on clan chat?

It’s in your replays. There’s the option to watch or share. Hit share and there’s an option to post to clan.

What are golf Clash season tokens?

Each Season you can earn up to 30 rewards by collecting Season Tokens. You can view these rewards by selecting the “Season” section that appears on the main menu screen next to your Free Chest.

Can you change your golf clash name?

Changing your username is easy. Simply open the Golf Clash app and select your profile picture which appears at the top of the main menu screen. You will then see an edit icon next to your current name. Selecting this icon will allow you to input your new name.

Can you play golf clash on laptop?

Clash on the Golf Course Play Golf Clash on PC and Mac to experience this old-school game in a new-school way. Golf Clash gives you the chance to take players from all over the world in real-time challenges.

How long has golf clash been around?

Golf Clash was released worldwide on January 18th, 2017 and climbed quickly to a Top 100 Downloaded position (Overall / US / iPhone), peaking at #36 on January 25th but subsequently dropping out of the Top 100 Downloaded, vacillating between the mid 200s and 100s since.

What’s the best long iron in golf clash?

Best Long Iron in Golf Clash After progressing to a certain point, you will have enough resources to unlock the Backbone. You will still need to use Goliath from time to time for longer distances. As for the best long iron for end-game players, Saturn will be the ultimate choice here.