Can I shoot a slug through a full choke?

Can I shoot a slug through a full choke?

You can safely shoot any STANDARD birdshot, buckshot OR rifled slug through any STANDARD choke from Cylinder Bore to Full. Accuracy may or may not be as good with slugs through a Full choke as through a looser choke, but some guns shoot great patterns through Full choked guns.

What shotgun choke is best for slugs?

Improved cylinder, cylinder choke, and rifled choke tubes are the best choke tubes for slugs. These choke tubes offer little constriction to provide stability when shooting.

Can I shoot a slug without choke?

You should not shoot slugs—or any other shot—through your barrel without a choke in place, since there is a very real possibility that you will damage the threading. The conventional wisdom has long been that these slugs perform best with an Improved Cylinder choke.

Will rifled slugs hurt a smooth barrel?

RE: Rifled slugs in the smooth bore? Shooting rifled slugs in a rifled barrel will not harm the barrel. It may lead it up a bit making cleaning difficult though. A rifled barrel does not improve the accuracy of rifled slugs so the rifling benefit is wasted.

What are the three types of shotgun chokes?

Types of Chokes

  • Cylinder choke is an unconstricted barrel. The shot string spreads quickly.
  • Improved Cylinder choke has a slight constriction. It allows the shot string to spread fairly quickly.
  • Modified choke has moderate constriction.
  • Full choke has tight constriction.

What choke is best for 00 buckshot?

improved cyl

What is the best choke for home defense?

With limited time and distance to make the shot, an open choke cylinder just became your new best friend. An open choke cylinder is also a popular choice for home defense, where your target should be no further than the length of a hallway. At that close distance, you won’t see much shot spread.

What is the most open choke on a shotgun?


What are the 5 shotgun chokes?

There are generally five choke types that people use in their shotguns: full, improved modified, modified, imp cylinder and cylinder. The cylinder will have five notches on the end of the choke that will indicate it’s a cylinder.

Can you put a choke tube on any shotgun?

Do all chokes fit all shotguns? No, not at all. Even within a manufacturer, there can be multiple choke tube systems (Browning Invector and Invector Plus, Remington Rem-choke and Pro-bore, Beretta Mobil-choke and Optima-choke, for example, are all incompatible).

Can you get a shotgun barrel threaded for chokes?

The easy answer is NO – YOU CAN’T CUT A BARREL YOURSELF AND THREAD IT FOR CHOKE TUBES! The barrel will be “bore diameter” and there is not enough metal to thread it for choke tubes..

Does a rifled choke tube work?

It’s common knowledge that rifled slugs are meant for use in smoothbore shotgun barrels, while rifled shotgun barrels and rifled choke tubes are meant to produce better results (meaning better accuracy) with sabot slugs, whose smooth outer surface can better engage the barrel’s rifling.

How much does it cost to thread a shotgun barrel for choke tubes?

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Thread barrel for Screw-In Choke Tubes: $120.00 per barrel
Open fixed choke barrel: $105.00
Open fixed choke barrel (chrome lined): $125.00
Shorten and face single barrel, replace bead sight: $60.00

How much does it cost to have a shotgun barrel made?


Barrel Work
Back bore (per hole) The inside diameter is opened to a specific size $150.00
Bead installed (includes drilling & tapping) $65.00
Bore match We bore out the smaller barrel to match the inside diameter of the other barrel, so both bores are exactly the same diameter. $110.00

How much does it cost to shorten a shotgun barrel?

It’s an hour job to cut the barrel, then square and clean up the crown, plus reinstall the bead. Considering a threaded bead, and considering most smiths are $20-50 per hole for D jobs, you’re talking about a VERY reasonable price at $45. and doesn’t make sense for a $150 shotgun. That’s up to you.

How much does it cost to get a shotgun drilled and tapped?

Drill and taps in general are 40-60 bucks. However, you first need to determine that there is nothing specific that would prevent your gun from having a “standard” job done on it. As far as the cryogenics cost… too much for the minimal accuracy improvement you might get.

How much does a gunsmith charge to mount a scope?


Bore sighting (including mount check) $10
Properly mount scope & boresight (may be covered under FSP*) $35
Lap rings + $30
Cut & lap rings + $75
Open receiver & bases to 8X40 + $75

Can I cut off my shotgun barrel?

The barrel of a shotgun without a tube magazine can be cut to any length; pump-action or semi-automatic shotguns usually have a tube magazine attached to the underside of the barrel which limits the practical minimum barrel length to about the length of the magazine tube, unless it also is modified, technically much …

Is a 14 barrel shotgun legal?

By law, a shotgun has to have, or have had, or redesigned as a weapon with a stock. As a firearm, it has to remain over 26 inches and can have a barrel length of 14 inches without being an NFA weapon.

Does the length of a shotgun barrel matter?

Barrel length is an important part of the gun’s overall balance. Longer barrels tend to make the gun more nose heavy while shorter barrels make the gun more stock heavy. Shorter barrels are quick and longer barrels provide for more deliberate shooting. Field guns tend to have shorter barrels than target guns.

What is the best all around shotgun barrel length?

If you’re a small-statured shooter with a short length of pull, then you’ll probably find your firearm balances better with a 26-inch barrel. If you have long arms and a correspondingly long length of pull, then a 30-inch barrel will work best. The odds-on favorite for 12-gauge shooters is a 28-inch barrel.

Is a 26 or 28-inch shotgun barrel better?

For most field applications guns with a 26 or 28-inch barrel work well because they offer improved maneuverability and less weight yet they provide a neutral balance point that allows you to swing the gun comfortably and efficiently.