Are Tau good in 9th edition?

Are Tau good in 9th edition?

“Out of almost any faction, Tau are uniquely ill equipped to seize back objectives in the fight phase, and that means when they go second in 9th Edition, they frequently just lose.” This hits a little too close to home, man. T’au players will know what I mean. Commanders still have excellent output.

Are Tau mind controlled?

It’s not really mind control, it’s indoctrination. Tau citizens are raised to idolize the ethereals and follow their orders as if they were divine mandate. There’s no pheromones or warp magic involved, just cultural brainwashing. It’s not confirmed but it is heavily hinted at.

Are the Tau a threat?

No, they are not a big threat.

Did the Eldar create the tau?

It has to be really, since Slaanesh was created by the fall of the Eldar which didn’t happen until nearly M30. Our supposition therefore is that it was the Slann that created the Tau, possibly working with the Eldar who have been known to hang around with Slann and transport them around.

How old is the Tau Empire?

6,000 standard years

Who is the leader of the tau?


What do the Tau think of the emperor?

The Tau thought that the leader of a Slaaneshi warband was Slaanesh itself, and that a SM chapter master was the “King” of the IoM… They also think that the Astronomicon is a natural phenomena, and that the claim that the Emperor generates it is mere propaganda…

How did the tau advance so fast?

Only the Tyranids have anything near the Tau’s advancement rate, and that’s due to “evolution” via bio-augmentation. In 6,000 years the Tau went from primitives to something near the level of the Imperium (and maybe even higher?).

Can the tau win?

Lore wise, the Tau has no chance at winning.

How good are the Tau?

The Tau are often seen as being a ‘good’ race, but they are not. They definately do not fit the conception of ‘good’, for not only do they percieve other races as vermin, but they also treat them like vermin too, & have some very unpleasant (if very efficient) ways of disposing with them.

How powerful is the Tau Empire?

Tau are roughly “strong enough to win war against 1 big threat at a time” strong. They can defeat single Imperiual Crusade, or single Waagh!, or single Hive Fleet.

How many planets do the tau control?


Are the tau communist?

The Tau are not a Socialist, Marxist, or Communist state. Put quite simply, taken directly from Wikipedia, Communism is an ideology that seeks to establish a classless, stateless social organization based on common ownership of the means of production.

How many planets are in Warhammer 40k?

The Imperium of Man is home to over 1,000,000 human-settled planets scattered across over 100,000 light years of space in the Milky Way Galaxy.

How many Tau commanders can you have?

Tau lists are still limited to one commander per detachment or two in FSE lists. In fact, you may want to consider spending some Command points to field an additional Detachment to include a second Commander (as the T’au can normally only include one per Detachment).

How do you play against Tau?

  1. Shoot and kill anything with a markerlight.
  2. Punch the rest in the face.
  3. Start your assaults with giant, tanky things.
  4. Use assault “Pile In” moves to shenanigans your way around Overwatch.
  5. Double points if you use units that can deepstrike and assault reliably in a single turn.

What is the lifespan of a Space Marine?

50-300 years