What is the CD meme?

What is the CD meme?

DisRespect acknowledged the meme while playing PUBG and chatting with fellow livestreamer Shroud. He concluded that the “CD” stands for “Cheating DisRespect”, referencing the cheating controversy that temporarily ended his career in December of last year.

What does WH Omegalul mean?

“Omegalul,” a massive distortion of the original picture started gaining traction on “Better Twitch.TV” and other plugins. If “LuL” means something’s funny, “Omegalul” means you’re rolling on the floor and can barely breathe.

Does Forsen hate Dr disrespect?

Forsen’s Chat The culture of his viewers is that of “nothing-to-get” humor and emote spamming. Forsen has always had a “hand’s off” approach regarding his chat and what people obsess over – and his chat has always taken an interest in triggering Dr Disrespect.

Did Forsen stop streaming?

Forsen, who has only recently come off an indefinite Twitch ban which saw him suspended from the platform for over a month, is taking no chances when it comes to risking further discipline. Part of Twitch’s new policy, which went into effect on January 22, prohibits certain emote combinations.

Does Forsen have a discord?

snusbot: Join Forsen’s Discord to chat with other great thinkers forsenThink discord.gg/fXsbZqr Connect your Discord account with your Twitch to gain full access….Command details.

Level 100
Cost 0 points
Global Cooldown 10 seconds
User-specific Cooldown 2 minutes

Is he spamming one of those little baby precious attention?

Oh, is he spa- is he spamming one of those little baby precious attention… Ah- G- Hahahahaha! I’m your number one fan, I get the- I spammed your little- hehaha CD!

What does WeirdChamp mean?

WeirdChamp Meaning The emote and term WeirdChamp is used to show your dissatisfaction or disappointment with something the streamer has said or done.