What is the best Bakugan attribute?

What is the best Bakugan attribute?

The Pyrus Attribute is considered as the most powerful of the six. It represents the element of fire, and the abilities of the Pyrus Bakugan usually uses this element in their attacks and defenses. The main attack of the characters of the Pyrus attribute is to usually overpower the enemy using strong fiery strikes.

What attribute is Naga?

Silent Naga. Silent Naga is the evolution of Naga after he fully absorbed the Silent Core. He serves as the main antagonist and final boss of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Though he is technically attribute-less, Naga gains Darkus-like powers due to the Silent Core's abilities.

What are the Bakugan types?

Physical Game There are nine types of Bakugan: BakuCore, Super Assault, Special Attack (which include Special Treatment), Trap, Battle Gear, Mobile Assault, BakuNano, and Mechtogan. Bakugan are made from opaque or translucent plastic and die-cast metal. See Bakugan (game) for general rules and gameplay.

What’s the rarest Bakugan?

diamond Bakuganso I'm gonna have to just go quick and get right into it oh it's just so brutally satisfying okay so diamond Bakugan are the rarest bakugan currently they're very rare chase figures not even every case that gets sent out to a store gets Diamond Bakugan I found this one just at a Walmart.