What happens when you get 1000 points in Wii Sports?

What happens when you get 1000 points in Wii Sports?

If you get pro, which is over 1000 points, then in either sport, the reward is a bigger audience, and all of your Miis that aren’t being played get put into the audience. If you make a bunch of random Miis, they will all be there. Some Miis you make are better than others.

Who are all the Miis in Wii Sports?

Some of these Miis only appear as teammates in Baseball and don’t play any other sport. Beginner: Adrien, Alphonse, Anna, Bernardo, Bruce, Chris, David, Donna, Elena, Enrique, Gerald, Haruka, Hee-joon, Ivo, Ji-hoon, Kentaro, Mitsu, Pian-Pian, Pit, Rui, Xiaojian, Xue-Ren, Yunyun .

How many CPU Miis are there in Wii Sports Resort?

In Wii Sports Resort, in addition to the 60 CPU Miis from Wii Sports, there are 40 new CPU Miis, 20 males, and 20 females, making a total of 100 CPU Miis that can be your opponents. You play against them in Swordplay, Table Tennis – Match, Basketball – Pickup Game, and Cycling.

Do you get Platnum medals for Wii Sports?

I have a tip for wii sports. If you bowl from the right side of the screen (but no curving the ball) you might get a strike. You can get a platnum medal for taking down 60 or more punching bags. You can platnum medals in the other stages as well. Bowling Tip for STRIKES!

Where can I Find Mii from Wii Sports Club?

If you’re looking for the Mii from Wii Sports Club, go to Matt (Wii U/3DS). Matt is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Party. He is ranked #52 out of the Wii Sports Resort CPUs, by overall skill level. His Total Skill Level is 6303.

How many Miis are there in Wii Sports Resort?

Some Miis have varying skill levels in the same sport between different consoles, so in these cases, the lowest possible skill level is used in the calculation and a plus sign (+) is added to the end of the overall skill level. If the class system from Wii Sports Resort was applied, 15 Miis would be in Pro Class.

How are Mii skill levels calculated on Wii?

This article is about the calculated average of Wii Sports Resort Miis’ exact skill levels. For the formula that also finds a way to include cycling skills, see Total Skill Level. A CPU ‘s overall skill level is calculated by finding the mean of their skills in the sports that they play.

Who is the only CPU Mii to be a Wii Sports Champion?

Matt wears Bulky Black Armor as the Boss of Stage 20 in Swordplay Showdown. Matt is the only CPU Mii to be the champion of more than one sport, and the only one to be a champion in both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. In the Boxing training room, there are a few pictures on the walls.