What booster pack is Stardust Dragon in?

What booster pack is Stardust Dragon in?

The exclusive card included in every 2009 Duelist Pack Collection Mini-Tin is the Assault Mode version of Yusei's signature monster, "Stardust Dragon." Give your Deck a boost with the powerful "Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode"!

Is Stardust Dragon still good?

Stardust dragon is not good as it once was but makes a amazing secondary protection monster. When a card or effect is activated that would destroy 2 or more cards you control: Negate the effect, and if you do, destroy that card, then you can Special Summon 1 "Stardust Dragon" from your Extra Deck.

How much is Stardust Dragon worth?

Another thing to consider is the price of Stardust Dragon. Before this reprint, copies of Stardust Dragon cost upwards of $10. Now it costs about $3.

What is better Stardust Dragon or Stardust cell?

Stardust cell VS stardust dragon. Stardust dragon is the best simply because it doesn't get stuck on walls and attacks enemies on the other side of walls. You summon him and he does his job. With other minions you have to re-summon them if they get stuck or only fight in open spaces.