Is there a Naruto card game?

Is there a Naruto card game?

Naruto Boruto Card Game is a compilation featuring Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto! Choose your favorite characters to build a deck or play to win with a powerful, custom deck! For fans of Naruto and fans of card games and boardgames alike, this is a card game that everyone will enjoy!

What is the card that Boruto wants?

We didn't know what it was until chapter 15 of the manga finally revealed what it looks like and that card just so happens to be “Wandering Shinobi – Sasuke Uchiha.” It was revealed in chapter 15 and on the card it says, “The one who helps the Hokage.” Sasuke's Card is also referred to as, “the supporting shadow.”

Is Naruto online free?

Naruto Online is free to play, but the game utilizes many timers, clickable icons, and daily rewards to encourage the use of real money to buy items in the online item mall or cash shop, which can get expensive.

What is the card Boruto wants?