Do energy cards get discarded?

Do energy cards get discarded?

You have to have the required amount of Energy attached to a Pokémon to use its attack, but you don't have to discard those cards to attack. The cards stay attached to your Pokémon unless the card says otherwise!

Can you reuse energy cards in Pokemon?

Unless a card specifically tells you to discard Energy, don't discard any Energy from your Pokémon! Trainer cards are played by doing what they say and then putting them in your discard pile. Supporter cards are similar to Trainer cards, but you can only play one each turn.

Can you remove energy from Pokemon?

The placement of energy is one of the main allocation of resources in the game. There are cards and pokemon that allow you to pick or move your energy but under most situation you can't move your energy around.

Can you retreat a Pokemon and attack in the same turn?

Then, you switch that retreating Pokémon with a Pokémon from your Bench. Keep all damage counters and all attached cards with each Pokémon when they switch. If you retreat, you can still attack that turn with your new Active Pokémon.