Can you play Dutch Blitz with regular cards?

Can you play Dutch Blitz with regular cards?

Introduction: How to Play: Dutch Blitz (aka "Nerts") This game can also be played with regular decks of cards, which I'll explain simultaneously (I believe the regular playing card version is called "Nerts").

Can you play Dutch Blitz online?

Our Dutch Blitz® Jumbo game is now available for online purchase.

What happens when you get stuck in Dutch Blitz?

Dutch Blitz: If any player is at the impasse described he or she can take the top card from the Wood Pile deck and place it on the bottom thereby resetting the Wood Pile. This is to be done before the re-deal, not in the midst of a Wood Pile re-deal.

How many points do you need to win the Dutch Blitz?

Since the prime object of the game is to use up the Blitz Pile, it is to a player's advantage to give preference to playing cards from the Blitz Pile rather than to make plays from the Post Piles or Wood Pile. The first player to score 75 points wins the game.