Can exodia Necross be destroyed by monster effects?

Can exodia Necross be destroyed by monster effects?

Use "Safe Zone" on "Exodia Necross", in order to make him almost completely invincible, as it can't be targeted or destroyed by battle, monster effects, spells or traps. And even if "Safe Zone" is destroyed, "Necross" can't be destroyed by its effect.

Can you negate Cyber Dragon Effect?

Cyber Dragon's effect does not have a colon. Instead, it says how it can be summoned “(from your hand)”. Since there's no colon (and it has those telltale brackets in its text), it's an inherent summon which does not form a chain. You can negate it with Solemn Judgment!

Can Sorcerer of Dark Magic negate counter traps?

Counter Traps. Sorcerer of dark magic effect has changed from As long as this card remains face-up on the field, you can negate the activation of Trap Cards and destroy them to You can negate the activation of any Trap Cards and destroy them.

Can you Tribute a face down monster for crush card virus?

Can I tribute a face-down Monster Card With the effect of a Virus Card? Besides, once the monster is in the graveyard, following the tribute the opponent can know, that was the proper required tribute, as all graveyards are public knowledge.