Are 1st Edition Yugioh cards worth anything?

Are 1st Edition Yugioh cards worth anything?

Below are the selling prices of the most valuable cards in the set (in US Dollars): Blue-Eyes White Dragon (1st Edition, Near Mint): $249.99 (Sold Out) Dark Magician (1st Edition, Near Mint): $159.99 (Sold Out) Red-Eyes B.

What was the first set of Yugioh cards?

Vol. 1, short for Volume 1, is a Booster Pack that was released on February 4, 1999 as the first set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. Like all Series 1 sets, Vol.

How many Yugioh cards have been made?

Cards. Yu-Gi-Oh! roughly translates as “King of Games” in Japanese, befitting a franchise that has sold over 22 billion trading cards since its debut.

What is the rarest Yugioh card of all time?

Tournament Black Luster SoldierThe high value and its truly special nature make the Tournament Black Luster Soldier the rarest Yu-Gi-Oh card ever in the world.

Are Yugioh misprints worth anything?

An actual misprint results from a malformed printing plate. During production, cards are sometimes printed with flaws. In some cases, these printing errors add no value to the card.