Who has the wildcard in MLB?

Who has the wildcard in MLB?

The home team for the Wild Card Game is the team with the better regular-season winning percentage; if the two teams have identical winning percentages, MLB tie-breaking procedures are used to determine the home team, with no additional games being played.

Can two teams from the same division play in the first round of the NFL playoffs?

The first round of the playoffs is dubbed the wild-card round (or wild-card weekend). In this round, the second-seeded division winner hosts the seventh-seeded wild card, the third hosts the sixth, and the fourth hosts the fifth. There are no restrictions regarding teams from the same division matching up in any round.

Who’s winning the AFC West?

Past AFC West division winnersYearWinnerRecord2018Kansas City Chiefsansas City Chiefsansas City Chiefsenver Broncos*12-46

Where will the Superbowl be in 2021?

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL

Who is predicted to win the 2021 Super Bowl?

Who is favored to win the 2021 Super Bowl? The Kansas City Chiefs opened as the betting favorites in the 2020-21 season at +700 odds, followed by the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens at +800.