What scratch off wins the most in NC?

What scratch off wins the most in NC?

Top 10 NC Lottery Scratch Off OddsRankGame NameOverall Odds1$Colossal Cash1 in 2.000 Supreme Riches1 in 2.903$5,000,000 FORTUNE1 in 2.914Holiday Countdown1 in 2.986 •

What is the best $20 scratch off in NC?

Top $20 NCEL Scratch Off GamesRankGame NameOverall Odds1$5,000,000 FORTUNE1 in 2.912Holiday Countdown1 in 2.983$150 Million Cash Explosion1 in 2.994Ruby Red 7’s1 in 3.024 •

What is the biggest scratch card win?

7 Biggest Scratch-Off Prizes In History. Scratch It, Baby!Ultimate Millions $10m Scratch-Off Prize Won by Lexington Couple. New Jersey Lottery Scratch-off Top Prize $5m Went to Lacey Katona. Twin Sisters From California Won $6m A Ladybug Led Them to the Prize.

Is there a big winner in every roll of scratch offs?

Lottery scratchers are distributed to retailers in large rolls, and each roll is guaranteed to have a certain number of winners. Those winning scratch-off prizes will have values, some smaller, some bigger. The lottery scratchers usually advertise grand prizes like a “$1 Million Merry Millions” jackpot.

Are more expensive scratch offs better?

But as a rough guideline, the higher the ticket price, the more likely you are to win some money and the higher the jackpot, the less likely you are to win any money. So, in general, your best odds are buying the most expensive ticket with the smallest prize.

What are the best scratch offs to buy?

Top 10 Nationwide $10 Scratch Off OddsRankGame NameTicket Price1Xtreme Winnings$102Holiday Lucky Times 100$103Jumbo Jumbo Bucks$104Jumbo Jumbo Bucks$106 •

What scratch tickets have the best odds?

Top 10 MASS Lottery Scratch OffsRankGame NameOverall Odds1Diamond Millions1 in 2.772Fastest Road to $1 Millions1 in 2.773200X1 in 2.784Ultimate Millions1 in 2.796 •

How much is a roll of $30 lottery tickets?

There are 50 tickets per roll and a $5 roll costs $250 dollars, $10 roll $500, $20 roll $1000, and a $30 roll will run you $1500. That is quite a wad of cash to spend on the lottery and the YouTubers often have family and friends go in on the expensive rolls, splitting any potential profit.

Which state has the best scratch tickets?

What state has the highest scratch off tickets?Indiana. Wins: 39. Year started: 1992.Missouri. Wins: 31. Year started: 1992.Minnesota. Wins: 22. Year started: 1992.Kentucky. Wins: 18. Year started: 1992.Pennsylvania. Wins: 17. Year started: 2002.Wisconsin. Wins: 16. Year started: 1992.Louisiana. Wins: 15. Year started: 1999.Arizona. Wins: 13.

What scratch tickets win the most in mass?

The overall chance of winning a prize in Supreme Millions is 1 in 2.79, the best odds offered in Massachusetts Lottery history. The new game’s overall prize payout of 80.7 percent represents the highest payout percentage offered by the Mass. Lottery, matching only that of World Class Millions.

What are the best 20 scratch off tickets to buy?

10 Best $20 Scratch Off Odds in the USRankGame NameTicket Price1Extreme Crossword$202Super 20s$203Triple Bonus Crossword$204Jewel Game Book$206 •

Are scratch offs rigged?

“Rigged” would imply the lottery can choose the winner. That does not happen. Scratch offs are about a 50% house edge. There is a population that is hooked on the things.

Which lottery game has the best odds?

Powerball lottery

What state sells the most winning lottery tickets?

New York