What is the rarest card in Hearthstone?

What is the rarest card in Hearthstone?

Rarest Cards in Hearthstone list.Old Murk Eye (Gold) – Requires All Golden murlocs (3 Golden Rares, 1 Golden epic, Lv 51 priest,Lv 53 Paladin, Lv 53 Warlock and a Lv 53 rogue) (Uncraftable)Elite Tauren Chieftain (Gold) – Blizzcon 2013 Only. (

What is the best card in Hearthstone?

Top 10 Best Hearthstone Legendary Cards of All TimeSylvanas Windrunner. Emperor Thaurisan. The Caverns Below. Archmage Antonidas. Reno Jackson. Cairne Bloodhoof. Ragnaros the Firelord. Ragnaros the Firelord was a staple card in almost every deck back in the days. Alexstrasza. Alexstrasza used to be a major card in the meta, she still is used, but not as often as before.

What legendary should I craft Hearthstone?

Hearthstone Classic Set Best Cards to CraftEdwin VanCleef – By far the best Classic Class Legendary to craft – Edwin is Rogue’s staple in most of the metas. One of the most powerful Rogue cards in the game. Alexstrasza – Alexstrasza is THE late game Dragon from Classic set.

What is the best legendary card?

Best Clash Royale Legendary Cards Ranking:Ice Wizard.Sparky.Inferno Dragon.Lumberjack.Princess.Ram Rider.Fisherman.Royal Ghost.

What’s the worst legendary in clash Royale?

the Magic Archer

What’s the worst card in clash Royale?


What does Magic Archer say?

The Magic Archer often says “tulta” which means “fire“ in Finnish. The Magic Archer has the smallest area damage radius out of all cards, at 0.25 tiles.

Is Magic Archer good?

In general, the Magic Archer is good against cards that have low health and are in a group, such as Goblins, Minions, Skeleton Army, and Bats. At level one, the Magic Archer deals 96 damage per second—so any units with low hitpoints will be quickly dealt with.

Which is better Magic Archer or princess?

Due to the Princess’ low attack speed and DPS, the Dart Goblin can destroy her. The Magic Archer shoots only 1 arrow, while the Princess fires 5. However, the Magic Archer can attack multiple enemies. Use Knights or Goblins to shield the Princess, so the Princess can deal more damage.