What is the card game in Stargirl?

What is the card game in Stargirl?

In chapter 21, Leo discovers that Stargirl makes her own greeting cards. When she finds someone who needs a gift or a card, she anonymously gives them what they need. The way Stargirl finds out what people may enjoy for a gift or as a title of a card is through newspaper articles and public bulletin boards.

Is Stargirl autistic?

At one point I actually started to feel guilty for being so annoyed with her because I felt that at the end of the book Jerry Spinelli was going to be like, “Oh, by the way, Stargirl is totally autistic (or has aspergers)and you are an awful person for being annoyed…” By the end of the book, I was even more out of …

What did Stargirl tell Leo about her neighbor boy?

What did Stargirl tell Leo about her neighbor boy, Peter Sinkowitz? He reminded her of herself and she knew he’d grow up to be an artist. She knew his parents were abusive and was trying to get him some help. She was writing his biography of sorts to give to his parents one day.

What newspaper does Stargirl like to read?

By Jerry Spinelli She has a few sources, it turns out: (1) She reads the newspaper, especially the sections on hospital admissions, death notices, birthday and wedding announcements, and so on. She reads all the often-skipped parts.

What does Stargirl continue to do in school to her classmates despite their shunning her?

” Despite the shunning, Stargirl has continued her ”Happy Birthday” serenades and all the little kindnesses she always did. Leo tells himself that Stargirl is ”too busy being herself to notice that she was being ignored. But Stargirl is being punished for something worse.

What does Stargirl want to be when she grows up?

It is during this walk (in chapter 20) that Leo tells Stargirl he wants to be a TV director when he grows up, and she tells him she wants to be a “silver lunch truck driver.”

Why is Stargirl attracted to Leo?

For Leo, Stargirl is attracted to him because she knows he is similar to her. They are both non-conformists; that is to say, they are unique individuals and not followers. For example, the student body of Mica Area High School ebs and flows with whatever or whomever is popular at the time.

What did Stargirl teach Leo?

What did Stargirl teach Leo? She taught him to wonder, to revel, to laugh, and to see.

Who gave Leo the porcupine necktie?

Uncle Pete

What is Stargirl’s real name?


What does Leo now realize Stargirl gave to him?

In the beginning, Leo receives an anonymous gift of a porcupine necktie (something he collects). He later discovers it came from Stargirl. She knew about him and his hobbies before he ever met her. Following the final chapter fifteen years later, Leo receives another anonymous porcupine necktie.

How old is Leo from Stargirl?

Leo is the narrator of Stargirl. He is a quiet, observant, sensitive 11th grader who doesn’t enjoy the spotlight.

Why did Stargirl and Leo break up?

Unable to take the abuse, Leo asks Stargirl to change, or else they can’t be together. But her normal behavior doesn’t win her any friends, so Susan switches back to Stargirl, which makes Leo angry. The two of them break up, and Stargirl attends the Ocotillo Ball by herself, while Leo watches from afar.

Is Leo in love Stargirl?

Leo Borlock is Stargirl’s former love interest from Mica, Arizona. Leo broke Stargirl’s heart, but she still loves him, only finalizing her choice between Leo and Perry when she shares a kiss with Perry at Calendar Hill, but says later she didn’t think they were right for each other.

How did Stargirl change Leo?

Leo is forever changed by his time with Stargirl. He pays more attention to small details and doing simple things to be kind to people. He remembers her when he does little things they used to do together, like drop spare change for people to find.

What was Leo’s reaction to the Stargirl loves Leo banner?

What was Leo’s reaction to the “Stargirl loves Leo” banner? He was thrilled but at the same time, he wanted to rip it down.

Does Stargirl die?

The surprise ends up being her coaxing him to get on stage and sing “Just What I Needed” by The Cars in front of the whole school, which ends up turning into a High School Musical-style finale to the dance — after which Stargirl simply disappears.

Why did Stargirl stop cheering?

During the game, Stargirl wanders outside and chats with the bus driver. When asked why she stopped cheering, she explains that she felt bad for the other team. Then the other cheerleaders play a trick on her, leaving her stranded in Red Rock as the Mica High bus drives away.

Why did Stargirl quit homeschooling?

Stargirl insists that she likes to cheer for everybody. Someone else asks why she quit homeschooling, and Stargirl responds that she wanted to make friends. The jury thinks she’s done a bad job of it, making the whole school angry with her.

What causes Stargirl to leave the gym at the away game?

The basketball team has an amazing winning streak and the school spirit became not just the desire to win, but also the need to win. At an away game the house is packed. The need to destroy the other team causes Stargirl to leave the gym. Then the cheerleaders trick her into missing the bus back to Mica.