What is an illegal Draw 4 card?

What is an illegal Draw 4 card?

When a Wild Draw Four card is played, the next player in sequence has the right to challenge the playing of the card if he/she believes that the player does have at least one card in the current color. The player of the Wild Draw Four card privately shows his/her cards to the challenging player.

Do you put a card down after a wild card?

Note: Being a Wild card, the same rule applies to the Swap Hands card. Once you play this card and swapped your hands with another player, your turn is up, and you are not allowed to put down any card immediately after that until your turn arrives again.

What is a wildcard in a deck of cards?

A wild card in card games is one that may be used to represent any other playing card, sometimes with certain restrictions. These may be jokers, for example in Rummy games, or ordinary ranked and suited cards may be designated as wild cards ("deuces wild" in Poker is a common variant).

Can you play a draw 4 If you have a wild card?

Since Wild cards are classified as Action cards, you are legally allowed to play a Wild Draw Four when you have a Wild in hand.