What has many sides but only visible?

What has many sides but only visible?

“A puzzle has many sides, but only some are visible.” This is a question mark alignment puzzle. While running up the second collapsed column, you’ll see a hand hold on the platform above. Use it to shimmy around, climb up and then look at the brick wall in front of you to spot the symbol.

Who is the main man in the main hall?

“Who is the main man in the main hall?” On the east side of this room is a short hallway that leads to the South Corridor. On the left wall is a portrait of Commissioner Gordon.

Where would you find my home sweet home riddle?

“Where would you find my home sweet home?” The Riddler’s cell is in the area where you first start the game, the one in which the Joker escapes. Look for the room with all the green question marks painted on its walls.

Where is the secret map in intensive treatment?

Map of the area The tape is hidden inside the main structure and it can be found on one of the tables. Once you’ve defeated Scarecrow explore the northern side of the right corridor. You should be able to find a barrier and you’ll have to use the sequencer to hack into a terminal from a safe distance.

Where is the map in intensive treatment?

After you open the very bottom portion of the Secure Transit area (beat the third Scarecrow sequence — in Intensive Care), take the stairs up into the control room on the north side. Here you’ll find the Intensive Treatment Secrets Map sitting on a desk.

Where is the map in Arkham Mansion?

You can pick up the map after you’ve defeated Zsasz and a couple of thugs. Explore the northern section of the main hall. Joker’s teeth can be found near the stairs and two smaller rooms. Exit the shaft and look around.

Where is the Riddler map in the medical facility?

The map to the Medical Facility is in the area where you must save Gordon from Harley Quinn without being detected by guards. When you enter that area for the first time, you should be in a room with a window that overlooks everything else.

How do you get the Riddler trophy in the elevator?

Trophy walkthrough: Reach the North-Eastern part of the fourth level of the shaft and enter the elevator. Use the electric charge on the generator to take a ride to the higher level. Here, you find a weakened wall that you need to spray the explosive gel over. Behind the wall, you find the trophy.