What does put it in the kitty mean?

What does put it in the kitty mean?

: : : : : : Put money in the kitty. It means to put money into the pot (i.e. ante). However, its usage has evolved to refer to contributing to any pool of money.

Why is it called the kitty in cards?

Q From Steve Moore: Why is the money in the middle of a poker game (or any other card game) called the kitty? A Just to get it out of the way, it has no connection with the pet name for a cat. The most frequent usage of kitty is that of some fund of money for communal use made up of individual contributions.

What does bleeding mean in cards?

filigree to the very edge

Where did Kitty come from?

That kitty is simply a familiar form of kitten, meaning a young cat, which comes from the Old French chitoun. While we’re at it, Kitty used as a nickname for a woman (e.g., Kitty Carlisle, of stage, screen and game-show fame) has nothing to do with cats; it’s a pet (affectionate) form of Katherine (as are …

What is a kitty of money?

A kitty is an amount of money gathered from several people, which is meant to be spent on things that these people will share or use together. A kitty is the total amount of money which is bet in a gambling game, and which is taken by the winner or winners. Each month the total prize kitty is $13.5 million.

What are card players called?

Someone who plays (or knows how to play) card games. Synonyms. elder hand cardsharper player card sharper shuffler sharpy sharpie sharper participant cardholder hand cardsharp card sharp card shark bridge player dealer eldest hand. Antonyms.

What do you call a set of cards?

A set of cards is called a pack. There are several types of pack, most of them variants on the normal pack about to be described.

What is same rank card?

A set or group comprises 3 or 4 cards of the same rank and, usually, different suits. A prial, pair royal, gleek or triplet is a set of 3 cards of equal rank and a quartet or, in some older games, a mournival, is one of four cards of the same rank.

What does same suit mean in cards?

The trait that identifies a card as belonging to one of four groupings in a deck; spades, clubs, hearts, or diamonds. EXAMPLE: “Both of my pocket cards were the same suit.”