What card game does George play and what does it symbolize?

What card game does George play and what does it symbolize?

George initially plays a game of solitaire and then plays a short game of euchre with Whit before going back to playing solitaire by himself. George’s games of solitaire and euchre metaphorically represent his life’s trajectory throughout the novella.

What card game does George play quizlet?

What card game does George play? solitaire. Describe Curley’s Wife.

What are the two card games George plays?

The two games are euchre and solitaire. Euchre is a competitive game and Whit agrees to play with George, but no hand ever gets dealt because of the tension in the room over Candy’s dog.

What page does George play solitaire?

In chapters two and three of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, George plays solitaire. In chapter three he plays the game of euchre with the laborer Whit.

Who gives Lennie a puppy?

Slim has agreed to give one of the pups to Lennie, and George thanks him for his kindness, insisting that Lennie is “dumb as hell,” but is neither crazy nor mean.

What does candy want when he hears?

What does Candy want when he hears about George’s and Lennie’s plans? What is he willing to contribute? Candy wants to join George and Lennie on their land. He is willing to put up several hundred dollars he has saved.

Why did George kill Lennie?

George killed lennie, because he did not want lennie to suffer at the hands of curley. Curley said that he would shoot him, if he found him. So George did not want lennie to suffer that way. He made sure that Lennie had no pain, he told lennie to think of the land and the rabbit.

Why did Lennie kill Curley’s wife?

Lennie kills Curley’s wife because of his inability to control his own strength and emotions. The more Curley’s wife struggles and yells, the angrier and more scared Lennie becomes, leading him to shake her harder until “she was still, for [he] had broken her neck.”

Why didnt Lennie fight back at first when Curley hit him?

Lennie doesn’t protect himself until George tells him to fight back. George explains to Slim that Lennie didn’t mean to hurt Curley; he was just scared. Because of what he has done, Lennie is afraid he won’t get to tend the rabbits on their farm.

Who Shot Candy’s dog?


What is wrong with crooks?

Of Mice and Men Crooks is so named because of a crooked back caused by a kick from a horse. Crooks is the stable hand who takes care of the horses and lives by himself because he is the only black man on the ranch. Along with Candy, Crooks is a character used by Steinbeck to show the effects of discrimination.

How did Candy get $250?

When Candy lost his hand while working, he was given $250 from the boss. He also has another $50 in the bank saved from his paychecks.

Why does candy regret killing his dog?

Candy regrets allowing Carlson to kill his dog and feels like he should have been the person to put it out of its misery. Candy had owned the dog since it was a puppy and formed a close bond with his pet. He feels bad about letting a stranger kill his dog when he was so close to it throughout its life.

What does George find in the box by his bed?

What does George find in the box by his bed and what does he assume? small yellow can. he assumes that the bed is filthy with lice and roaches.

Why did slim drown the puppies?

Slim reports that he drowned four of the puppies immediately because their mother would have been unable to feed them. Carlson suggests that they convince Candy to shoot his old, worthless mutt and raise one of the pups instead.

Are George and Lennie cousins?

The two main characters in Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, are George Milton and Lennie Small. It’s a common assumption by readers that George and Lennie are cousins, but they are, in fact, not related at all. Lennie grew up being cared for by his Aunt Clara.

What is the main reason Curley dislikes Lennie?

Curley automatically hates Lennie because he is tall. Curley is short and wishes he was tall. He hates tall people.

What is Lennie’s last name?


What is Lennie’s mental age?

How would you estimate Lennie’s “mental” age? Lennie is like a child in that he constantly talks with slightly bad grammar, and exaggerates. He is either super happy or pouting. He behaves like a five or six-year-old.

What is Lennie’s dream?

George and Lennie’s dream for the future is to one day own a farm with lots of rabbits. Lennie dreams of taking care of the rabbits and other animals, and George hopes this dream comes true so that he can lead a “better” life.