What are the types of UNO?

What are the types of UNO?

Table of Contents1.1. Marvel/DC Superhero Uno Cards.1.2. Disney Uno Cards.1.3. TV Series Uno Cards.1.4. Movie-Themed Uno Cards.1.5. Sports-Themed Uno Cards.1.6. College/University Uno Cards.1.7. UNO Artiste Series.1.8. Other Uno Theme Packs.

What company owns Uno card game?

Mattel, Inc.

What is Uno called?

High. Uno (/ˈuːnoʊ/; from Italian and Spanish for ‘one’; stylized as UNO) is an American shedding-type card game that is played with a specially printed deck. The game’s general principles put it into the Crazy Eights family of card games, and it is similar to the traditional European game Mau-Mau.

Can you put a draw 2 on a regular 2 in UNO?

Another player asked: ‘But can you add a Draw 2 to a Draw 2?’ , to which UNO responded: ‘No. ‘ Many avid UNO players were shocked by the revelation, with some saying they will continue to play by their own rules.

Can you play 2 cards in UNO?

You can not play two cards on one turn. So if it is your turn, and you have two cards left, then before you place one of the cards down you need to say “Uno.” Then you are left with one card, which you will play (if possible) on your next turn. By extension, if you have identical cards you can play both in the same go.

Can you put a reverse on a draw 2?

And as mentioned earlier, in a 2-player game, if your opponent has just played a Draw Two, it’s their turn. If they can’t play a card after playing the Draw Two, and it’s now your turn, you can play a Reverse if it matches the color of the Draw Two on top of the pile.

What are the blank cards for in UNO?

If a card from your UNO deck is lost or damaged you may use the Blank Card as a replacement. Example: If you find that your deck is missing one of the yellow 7’s you would simply replace it by taking the yellow Blank Card, marking a “7” on it and adding it back into the deck.