What are the rules for the game Risk?

What are the rules for the game Risk?

SetupSelect a color and, depending on the number of players, count out the “armies” you’ll need to start the game. Roll one die. Starting to the left of the first player, in turn, everyone places one army onto any unoccupied territory.

How do you play the continental game Risk?

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How do cards work in risk?

In Risk, Cards are traded in for extra troops at the start of a players turn. The picture on the card (Infantry, Calvary or Artillery) determines how many extra troops a player receives. Cards must be used at the start of a player’s turn, before they begin to attack.

What is the best continent in risk?

As you’ll see, Europe gives you the highest return on holding the continent, as for every 1.4 territories you hold, you get an army. Australia is the least lucrative, as it takes holding 2 territories to win each army.