What are the role of women in Europe?

What are the role of women in Europe?

Women have been in the European labour force since the continent was founded. They have played an essential role in the agricultural society which dominated the initial stage of economic development. Since the Industrial Revolution, women moved from the farms to the mills and factories.

What is the average size of a European woman?

The average height of European women is 5 feet 6 inches.

What is Europe most known for?

Why is Europe famous? Europe is famous or many reasons like notable buildings like the Eiffel tower in France, The leening tower of pisa in italy etc.

Why do females have a longer life expectancy?

Women generally live longer than males – on average by six to eight years. This difference is partly due to an inherent biological advantage for the female, but it also reflects behavioural differences between men and women. Life expectancy for women also varies across regions and income levels of countries.