The Most Competitive Board Games to Bring to a Party

When you’re throwing a regular social gathering in your living room, board games are the life of the party, particularly when people are just getting to know each other. It is a fun way to break the ice and make room for conversations while digging into everyone’s competitive sides. But of all the board games on the market, which ones are the most competitive?


Modern gaming technology has taken the bingo game to a whole other level, with its innovations, variations, and bonuses making it one of the most popular online games. Players are joining online bingo rooms from all over the world, trying their luck at this pop-culture staple. For parties, however, you might fancy a comical theme for the benefit of your friends, joining an online bingo room where you can play as a collective, or even playing with your own customized bingo sheet. To make it even more competitive, you can also add a prize for the winner, which will incentivize the game of chance and up the ante!

Catan” (CC BY 2.0) by yoppy


Now, this is a party classic and can not be played unless everyone is ready to invest at least a couple of hours. For those of you who haven’t played it before, Catan is an adventure, strategy game, in which the players become settlers attempting to build holdings by spending resources, such as wool, brick, and grains. The board, representing the island of Catan, is made up of hexagonal tiles arranged at random to make sure each game is different. The players then get color and the game begins. Whoever has the best tactics/strategies and manages to get to ten points, wins.


The winner of the best board game of the year in 2016, Codenames has quickly become one of the most popular games at parties. Its unique gameplay gets people hooked immediately and it can be played in both small and large groups of people. Players get split into two groups, with each group having a ‘spymaster’ that gives the rest of the team one-word clues to help them guess the right words on the board. The two teams race against one another to identify their word cards and win the game.

Exploding Kittens” (CC BY 2.0) by Brett Jordan

Exploding Kittens

A board game for ‘people who are into kittens and explosions’, as it is advertised on the box, this relatively new game is highly addictive once you start memorizing the cards. Each player gets a few cards in their hands, while the rest of the stack is placed facedown on the table. The cards, which feature amazing illustrations, represent either actions or inactions that you must pursue once you’ve drawn them. The game has become a firm favorite for board game fans though this is perhaps unsurprising given that Exploding Kittens was launched thanks to a fundraising campaign that ended up being the most-backed project in Kickstarter history.

With the number of games available on the market at the moment, the list of most competitive games would be endless. There is a lot of choice and most board games are truly exceptional, with a great idea behind them and illustrations that make you want to play them even more. And what were games designed for if not for bringing to the surface your competitive side?