Is town of Salem Mobile Free?

Is town of Salem Mobile Free?

Town of Salem is a game that’s usually played with friends. Now, the game is also released for both iOS and Android, FREE! …

Can Retributionist be town traitor?

4, the Retributionist was previously unable to be a traitor in Town Traitor Game Modes.

Can sheriff find town traitor?

Traitor Escorts cannot be tracked by Spies, and won’t show up as suspicious in Sheriff checks. If the Witch is alive and the Vigilante comes out, begin to role block them, claiming you are doing so to prevent Witch from using Vigilante. Mayor Traitors are powerful, yet are often sought by Town because of their ability.

Can Disguiser be revived?

If the Disguiser dies while appearing as a Town role, a Retributionist will see an option to revive the Disguiser. If the Retributionist attempts to revive the Disguiser, the Disguiser will not be brought back to life. The Disguiser will receive no notification about someone attempting to revive him.

Can SK kill GF town of Salem?

you can say that the SK kills the GF with his knife, because the GF can’t bring his gun to the town meeting.