How many points is a blind nil in spades?

How many points is a blind nil in spades?

Blind Nil: If a player who bids blind nil takes no tricks then his/her team will receive 120 points (in games played to 300) and 200 points (in games played to 500).

What happens when you bid nil in spades?

If a player who bid Nil takes one or more tricks, they fail their Nil bid and 100 points are subtracted from the team score (double for Blind Nil). If one player of a partnership bids Nil, the other player's score is computed based on their own bid and tricks taken without including any tricks taken by the Nil bidder.

How do you beat a nil in spades?

If the opponent on your right has a nil bid, try to lead a low suit. The first time you lead, lead your second or third lowest card, preferably a card that is an 8 or under. Most likely Page 8 the person covering the nil will still play their highest one in that suit.

When can you bid blind nil in spades?

If winning a Blind Nil is worth 100 then you are only allowed to bid it when your side is at least 100 points behind. Some play that when Nil is played the bidder must exchange one card with partner; others do not allow passing of cards even in a Blind Nil.